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Month 5 – Dr. Deborah Anapol on Cultivating Love and Desire

Elegance in Pair: Susan and Beautiful Pal

Do you want to experience more love in your life? Do you want to FEEL more desire?

Has your partner pulled away from you not just sexually, but intimately, afraid that if she gives you affection and love, you’ll naturally expect sex, so she holds you at bay?

Reclaim your lost desire.

Open up your life force energy.

Learn how to grow your love for each other again.

Deborah Anapol is the author of The 7 Natural Laws of Love, where she has deconstructed how we as humans experience love, both in the giving and receiving.

She is also the author of Polyamory in the 21st Century and works with couples who have chosen to have an open relationship.

You can learn much from couples who are actively opening their hearts to love more than just their single partner. Not that we’re suggesting that you have an open relationship, just that you are open to learning how those playing at the outer edges of relationship conduct themselves and enjoy more loving experiences and more desire.

Do you feel unloved? Is your desire quashed?

Listen as Deborah and I talk about Pelvic Heart Integration, Western Tantra, Desire and Libido, How to Be Present in Stillness, How to Hold Space for Her and How To FEEL Love Strongly.

If you want more love, bring it into your relationship starting TODAY by taking the action steps outlined in this beautiful, touching exploration of love and desire.

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With love,
Susan Bratton

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