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Month 6 – Awakening The Sensual Goddess Within Your Woman with Ariel White

Glamorous Ariel: High-Res Headshot Brilliance

I want to take a moment of appreciation for you. If you are reading this, you are a man who takes responsibility for his lady, his partner. You are a man who is actively pursuing a passionate relationship with her. You are the best kind of mate a woman can have. Thank you for putting your effort into leading your woman into her sensual potential.

I studied many “experts” until I chanced upon Ariel at a Superhero Party in Maui as part of an event called, “Awesomenessfest.” As I talked to her I realized I found the person I was looking for for you. The woman who could show you some concrete examples of ways to awaken your lover’s sensual self. Ariel White’s “Sex Goddess Boot Camps” are her way of showing women how to claim their desire.

In this dialog, Ariel and I give you as many ideas as we can about how to elicit her sensual body for you to sample.

Remember too, as you are “reviving” your woman’s libido, the process goes in this order:

  1. Begin to romance her without needing sex.
  2. Create more “Polarity” by upping your masculinity.
  3. Overcome any resistance issues she has through rational conversation, therapy, fixing issues in your relationship et cetera.
  4. Awaken her sensuality by leveraging her senses.
  5. Use seduction techniques taught in the program and add on the Seduction Trilogy.
  6. Master seductive lovemaking skills within the program and through Expand Her Orgasm Tonight and Female Liquid Orgasm.

This dialog with Ariel and I is expressly focused on item #4 – how YOU can have some control and input in helping your woman discover or rediscover the pleasures of her body, her senses and her sensuality.

I searched for the perfect coach to help you know what to do and am VERY pleased with the information contained in this 1:30 dialog.

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We cover:

  • More about “Holding Space” (beyond Alex Allman’s section in the Life Long Passion module)
  • Vulva Reflexology
  • Covert Coaching
  • Tending To Your Own Inner Sexiness
  • Charging Up Your Heart and Cock
  • Highly-Sensual Touch Sessions
  • Moving Sexual Energy
  • The Downward Flow of Sexual Energy
  • Encouraging Your Woman’s Sensual Activities
  • Self-Nurturing Body Practices
  • Solo Sex
  • Body Mapping Practices
  • Non-Structured Pleasure Sessions
  • The Importance of Scheduling Sessions
  • Connected Breathing Couples Practice
  • Why Yoni Dolls Work

Post your comment about the strategy that worked best for you and you may win one of Ariel’s Yoni dolls!

With Love,
Susan Bratton

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