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Taoist Sexual Energy Cultivation with Master Mantak Chia

Taoist Sexual Energy Cultivation with Master Mantak Chia

Listen to this Podcast Episode of my show, Expanded Lovemaking with Master Mantak Chia on Cultivating Energy For Healing, Sexual Bliss, Lovemaking and Transcendence.

Listen to Mantak Chia

In this rare show, I converse with Master Mantak Chia, world famous teacher of the cultivation of energy leading to increased health, well-being, and sexual mastery for both men and women.


Chia is famous as a Chi Gung and sexual energy master whose overarching system of practices includes an array of activities for maintaining health and well-being in body, mind, heart, and spirit.

In the sexual arena, and in the West, he is famous for his work on the Microcosmic Orbit, leading to practices of non-ejaculatory orgasm for men and more orgasmic bliss for women and couples.

He is the author/ co-author of many books, including “the Multi-Orgasmic Man”, the “Multi-Orgasmic Couple”, and the “Multi-Orgasmic Woman”, all bringing amazing as well as useful Taoist wisdom to our culture.

In this interview, Master Chia gives us a full range of his thinking on Taoist system of sexual energy cultivation. Hear us the cosmological and philosophical roots of this system, practical exercises for men and women for cultivating this sexual energy within themselves, and ways to deepen heart energy.

You’ll learn techniques for Taoist lovemaking and more! Again, this is a rare interview hear it and savor it many times over. It is sure to inspire you and open your mind!

In Heart Opening Pleasure,

With love,

Patricia Taylor

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