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"The Natural: How To Effortlessly Attract Women You Want" by Richard La Ruina

My friend, Richard LaRuina’s new book, “The Natural,” teaches men how to approach and connect with women and get a lot of great dates, delicious sex and have a confident, happy dating life.

“Five nights a week I go out. Five nights a week I have the opportunity to go home with a beautiful woman, ” writes Richard. “But it hasn’t always been this way.”

He was 21 before he kissed a girl and has devoted his life to helping other guys enjoy the pleasures of dating ever since. As founder of PUA (Pick Up Artist) Training, his style of “pick up” gives men the secrets of confidence and actionable techniques that help a guy become attractive and authentic to women.

Learn NATURAL GAME, where you seem like you’ve always been one of those “cool guys,” instead of using unnatural, rehearsed patterns that women can tell are fake from a mile away.

Richard tells me the best parts of Natural Game are the confidence you’ll have in yourself, especially in talking to women effortlessly.

Legendary “Natural” Pick Up Artist Tells ALL [Bonus Revealed]

Every now and then there’s an event that literally shakes the foundation of the pickup world.

For example, there was the release of David Deangelo’s Double Your Dating in 2001.

And then again in 2005, when Neil Strauss released ‘The Game’ and brought his secretive techniques into the hands of thousands.

These releases were so powerful at the time that they instantly changed everything.

It was as if you were part of “the club” – you had the inside information that set you head-and-shoulders above all other guys trying to attract beautiful women.

Well, it’s time for another massive shift in the pickup landscape… because today….February 7, 2012….marks the release of a book that will change the game forever.

Today, marks the release of master pick up artist Richard La Ruina’s groundbreaking book…

“The Natural”

He’s consistently ranked in the top 3 pickup artists in the entire world…he’s trained tens of thousands of guys like you LIVE in the field..and his cutting-edge breakthroughs in the game have earned almost LEGENDARY status in the community.

Well now, Richard has completed his “magnum opus” and it’s being released TODAY.

This book teaches you EVERYTHING that Richard and his team of over 50 MASTER coaches have discovered about approaching, attracting…and sleeping with ridiculously hot women.

After reading The Natural, you won’t have to spend time thinking about how to approach sexy women…

It will just happen.

You won’t have to memorize scripts and routines…

The right words will just come out.

And for the first time in your life, you’ll be able to just “be yourself”…

But in a way that women simply can’t resist.

How do I know this?


His tens of thousands of students are among the most successful in the world.

And his own game…

Off the charts.

I know this book is going to have a profound impact on your life and because of this, I want to do everything in my power to make sure you take advantage of this opportunity.

So I’ve spoken with Richard and we’ve arranged to give everyone who grabs the book TODAY over $497 in FREE bonus material.

In addition to the book, here’s what you’ll be getting…

1.) A breakthrough 60 minute video training where Gambler breaks down his all new “rapid results method”.

2.) A video Richard considers to be the most powerful seminar he’s  ever given in his life. He breaks down the art and science of  using non-verbal communication to get girls “ready to kiss” without ever being rejected.

3.) How to quickly build social circles and ultimately a killer lifestyle…that will pull girls into your world and leave you to relax, have fun…and enjoy the best girls in the world.

4.) A collection of incredible  never-seen-before infield videos.

5.) *****Special Bonus Which Will Only Be Revealed To Guys Who Get The Book****

And much, much, more.

This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity to grab a treasure trove of pick up training…for free.

So here’s what you’ve got to do now:

Click the link below, to go to amazon and order your copy of “The Natural”

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Then, after you’ve done so….you’ll receive and “order ID” from Amazon on both the Thank You page and in your email with the receipt.

Take that order ID and go over to…

And use that as your login.

The bonus material will be ready for you to dig into, just as soon as you order.

So that’s it….

Go ahead right now and grab your copy of the book:

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And then head over to the bonus site and start watching the videos.

I know this blog post was long, so thanks for taking the time to read this all and I truly hope you get as much out of these training materials as I think you will.


Social Circle Game
How to integrate into a high end social circle to get laittd consistently.  This breaks down exactly how you can go  from the loser too scared to go to a nightclub to the guy that goes to the hottest parties and scores the hottest girls…all without cold approaches and rejection.

Unstoppable Attraction
This video was shot at a closed-door seminar where Richard had one hour to teach all his best techniques from basic kino – how to touch girls right away easily.

The Sweden Files
Stockholm is full of beautiful girls and you get a step-by-step process to go from seeing a girl you like to getting a result with her, with no chance of rejection.

The Seduction Blueprint
Get exactly what you need to go out to a club, find a girl, take her home and have sex with her in this streamlined version of Richard’s “model” for seduction, everything from every type of opener you can use to how to close, all demonstrated on sexy redhead Meg.

With love,
Susan Bratton

One Comment

  1. I must say that Richard La Ruina is the real deal when it comes to showing guys the right path to unleashing their best in the area of naturally and effortlessly attracting women.

    His 5 mindset rules say it all:

    1. No structure
    2. Say what you feel
    3. Care less about what others think
    4. Have fun in the moment
    5. Follow you natural urges

    All five of the above rules implemented together mean demonstrating high value that’s presenting yourself, your real intentions and your true feelings in front of women in the most natural way.

    The only thing that I’d like to add to this list is something that makes up the main ingredient to attraction: curiosity. What hides behind the attraction power of your curiosity about women is your ability and skill to subtly and playfully show them that you might be potentially interested in them while not being needy towards them.

    That said, your curiosity has its most powerful attraction effect on women when demonstrated merely through your body language. The reason why this is crucial is because the first thing that women gets attracted to or gets turned off by in you when they first see you is nothing but your body language. Why? Because of the following truth:

    “Your beliefs control your emotions, and your emotions control your body language.”

    What this means is that the main reason why your body language is such a big deal to women and why they trust it more than the words you say to them is because just by looking at your body language, they can feel whether your overall image, your confidence and what you’re saying to them are real or fake. And, the way they can feel it is through picking up on your emotions coming out of your body language.

    Hope you’ve found my comment helpful and insightful.

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