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You Can "Call It In" [Seduction Trilogy Testimonial]

You Can "Call It In" [Seduction Trilogy Testimonial]

A few days ago I emailed you requesting your feedback on the Seduction Trilogy program.

(Seduce Her Tonight, Seduction Accelerator and Her Sexual Trainer by Dr. Patti Taylor)

Here’s a nifty option for you.

You can CALL ME at 650 948-0500 and either leave a voice mail or tell me personally (your choice) your experience with the Four Keys to Seduction:

Small Offers, Erotic Vigilance, Vulnerability & Vision

***Can you give me a quick call or email me back*** between now and Sunday and tell me:

– Your “AHA!” moment.
– Any skepticism you had.
– Results you’ve achieved.
– Specific features you liked most.
– A benefit you’d share with other men.
– Why you would or would not recommend the Trilogy.
– %Wildcard% idea you want to share.

Thank you so much for answering ANY or all of these questions and helping me help others!

I really appreciate you.


With love,
Patricia Taylor

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