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How To Create More Opportunities for Intimacy

Timeless Beauty: A Captivating Lady

“There are three magazines and chocolate on my massage table…”

Now that’s a text I’d like to receive! I’d hop on that table and devour the chocolate and enjoy some frivolous drivel, while waiting for you to come rub oil all over me and give me the most relaxing, releasing massage.
You KNOW what would happen next!

Often, creating more opportunities for intimacy comes from communicating to your lover the joy you get from pleasuring them.

Here are a few fun ideas for you to offer to your baby: “I’m taking you out for a surprise… dress sexy and I’ll pick you up at 6:30.”

300 Creative Dates<=== More Ideas

“I got a sitter, take out Chinese and a new playlist… Meet me in the minivan at 7pm.” “All the flowers are in full bloom at the park. I have a bottle of wine, our camera and a blanket. Be ready at 4pm.” “There are three magazines, a chocolate bar and a bottle of massage oil on the bed. Go get in and I’ll meet you there.”

This is how you create romance, desire and intimacy.

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With love,
Susan Bratton

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