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If she doesn’t "Feel It" with you [Tip Inside]

Do you realize that the typical wife cannot tell her husband what it is that she needs from her lover in order to be turned on by him and to open up to him?

Maybe your wife has told you,

“It’s not you … it’s me.”

Maybe, she has told you,

“I’m just not like that.”

There are dozens of statements like these that a wife will throw out at her husband … and the result is always the same…

It leaves you stumped without even a thread or a straw to work with.

Or maybe, she HIDES behind a tough exterior …

or gets her love from the kids instead …

or focuses on a demanding job …

instead of putting her affection on YOU.

You fill in the blanks with the strategies that your wife has used on you to thwart your efforts and shut you down – even inadvertently.

Now, I am NOT saying your wife is a bad person.

Quite the contrary, I assume that you and your wife do have your good times.

But, what I am talking about is going deeper than just living together and getting along.

I am talking about having and enjoying a more intimate, more passionate, more sexual kind of relationship with your wife that is truly meaningful, satisfying, and fulfilling.

Let me go back to the original point…

You cannot ask your wife what it is that she wants because she cannot tell you.

When it comes relating to a man, a woman is about “feelings” and your wife is either “feeling it” with you or she is not.

And, if she is not “feeling it” then the kind of relationship you want to enjoy is NOT happening, right?

But even worse, when you ask your wife what it is that she wants from you, that just communicates to her on a subconscious level that you do not know how to lead her into the passionate, intimate, and sexual kind of relationship she wants to be in.

It sub-communicates to her that you do not know how to take her into the kind of relationship she wants to be in with a man.

Consequently, she starts moving away from you emotionally and physically…

but because it is all a subconscious thing, she cannot tell you why.

All she knows is that she does not “feel it” with you.

Now, as you reflect back, how many times have you had these not-very-pleasant conversations about intimacy and sex with your wife?

Probably, so many times … with such bad results … that you are almost afraid to even bring the subject up with her, right?

But, if you don’t say or do something, then for sure none of the “fun” that you want to enjoy with your wife happens, right?

So there you are …

stuck in a vicious, unpleasant, frustrating cycle …


Calle and I will help you personally get the results you want:

1) How to think, behave, and operate in a way that is appealing and attractive to your wife so that she CAN open up to you emotionally and sexually.

2) What your wife’s needs are and how to meet her needs in such a way that she WANTS to reciprocate and meet your needs too. Now, here is the opportunity for you:

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ind out why you WILL NEVER GET the relationship you want if you follow her lead.

You are being MISLED, darling.

With Love,
Susan Bratton

One Response

  1. I have witnessed all the above after a 35 year marriage. We never had an argument. She had
    cancer and after the treatments and a heavy financial crisis (foreclosurer) She moved away.
    The cancer took a heavy toll( a very beautiful woman) and she appeared to never recover. She packed up and moved out, saying I could not take care of her. Add crippling Osteo arithitis . She started three years ago to critize me on everything, including my eyebrows. Even through we see each other, We have hit bottom. I’m not sure there is a possible return for either of us. There appears no conjugal desire nor desire to get back together. there are too many issues to overcome by both of us, hurt, trust , expectation, standards, marriage definition, family, unforgiveness, communicaation, etc. I read your information frequently.

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