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How To Stick Your Tongue In Her Ear [Erotic Play]



Having a warm wet tongue in your ear can be a real turn on but before you plunge in…

Begin gradually!

The last thing you want is for her to push you away.

How to approach your lover and give her a sensual thrill by tonguing her ear.

Start a few weeks early by simply touching her on her extremities – small of her back, top of her thigh when seated, stroke her arm – one new place each day.

Make it lingering and look in her eyes as you touch her without saying anything.

The following day, just walk up to her from the side and give her a sideways hug and tell her you love her.

Go back to the touching for a day or two.


Read More About “The Hollow Flute” and why ears are like sphincters (similar to the mouth and vagina) and stimulating them can cause more arousal if you take it very slowly.


Then walk up to her directly and embrace her and simply stroke her cheek and release her.

Go back to the touching for another day or two.

Next, walk up to her and embrace her and breathe her in.

Take a deep breath while you’re holding her and nuzzle her.

Hold her as long as she feels like she would like you to hold her. Don’t hold her too long.

Go back to touching.

Next, embrace her and whisper in her ear.

“You are so precious to me.”


“I really appreciate you being in my life.”


“I love you so much, darling woman.”

or something that feels right to you.

Go back to touching for a day.

Then embrace her and whispering something sweet in her ear and lightly breathe out through your mouth and nose into her ear.

Let that tingle her and then release her.

Go back to touching her for a day or two.

Soon you’ll notice she’ll welcome your embrace and be ready for you.

Embrace her, whisper affectionate appreciations in her ear, breath out into her ear and then kiss her on the neck, below her ear.

A couple more days of touch.

Then embrace her again, whisper affectionate appreciations,

“You look so beautiful to me today,” and then kiss her on her neck and then nibble her earlobe and release her.

More touch days.

Then embrace her, whisper your appreciation and breath into her hear and kiss her neck. Next nibble her earlobe gently then touch your tongue into her ear canal very lightly, just the tip for a split second and…

Look into her eyes deeply and release her with a smile.

Another touch day.

Then embrace her, whisper appreciations, breath into her ear, kiss her neck, touch your tongue to her ear canal and linger just a second longer. Release her with a smile and look into her eyes with a bit of masculine desire.

The next time you make love, embrace, whisper, breathe and hold her close and let your breath send shivers down her spine.

The time you make love after this one, let your tongue probe inside her ear as you breath out into it.

Hold her as she squeals and shivers with delight and longing.

If you go this slowly, it will definitely be an exquisite experience for BOTH of you.

Let me know if you come up with any modifications to this structure that add more delicious connection to your loving. We like it when you share back!

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