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Sensual Touch Stroking Advice: "Play There"

Sensual Touch Stroking Advice: "Play There"

I get my best ideas for emails to you while hubby and I are making love.

In our moments of presence with each other I notice things we do that make our passion so rich — and then I like to share them with you.

Here’s one.

You know Susan, Patti, Tallulah and I emphasize SOUND as way to make sex hotter.

So hubby and I give each other a lot of verbal feedback during lovemaking.

During a massage I was moaning and said,

“Stay there.”

“Correction: ‘PLAY There.'”

That gave him license to put attention on a particularly good-feeling spot and feel around, touch it to delight and nurture both of us, play with different stroke pressure and speed, use finger pads and full multi-finger swipes and, and, and…

“Play the game for more than you can afford to lose… only then will you learn the game.”

— Winston Churchill

You get what I mean, right?

Once she tells you a spot is feeling really good, you’ll want to deliver exactly THAT sensation for a minute or so and then slowly and smoothly improvise variations to increase her pleasure.

Just like stroking her anywhere sensually, smooth variations can really get her off.

I encourage you to introduce the phrase, “play there,” in your lovemaking and see how she loves it. Let me know in the comments below how it improved your sexual relationship.

With love,
Sloane Fox


  1. women like the journey of pleasures more then anything else that goes on between the 2 of them and the words that a lover says or gives as well when he touches her and kisses her its for the most part not just the orgasm but the ride in which it takes a womens mind so she can feel the pleasures that she craves for and even if she doesn’t realize it. But he can pull it all out of her in ways that not to many men can do it seems like at times we focus on just certain things like the big o and to get there but in realty it goes further then that when a man can have his wife, or girlfriend, or just a one night stand make her just think of him for Days and she is lost in his passion of touches and that is all she thinks about then he is a man who has mastered his love making.
    Or when he sees her again and then with just a touch she melts there in her spot and starts to walk like she is drunk then the Master Lover knows he has done his job well.

    Well have a nice Day Ray

  2. I know this works well with some women. However women with hysterrectomys have very different feelings touches and turn ons are harder !! Tell me more.

  3. I love that. Becoming a Master Lover is something that every man should strive for.
    What a wonderful world it would be.

  4. like all your instructions wish u had photos to show exact locations or drawings hopefully I stay with u bob thanks for all the info hope I do it right

  5. This is all well and good but I have a problem. My wife has fibromyalgia which makes all you are saying impossible since I can’t even begin to massage her. Can’t use any sensual touch. Can’t even lay against her without creating pain. Needless to say, sex is not happening.

  6. I would love to learn how to tell a man what I need without embarrassing either of us. I’ve recently gone through menopause and am on a variety of medications which I think may be hindering my my ability to orgasm. Antideppressants, anxiety meds, etc. it’s so frustrating because I have no problem masterbating. But I almost feel guilty for asking him to spend more time in a certain area. I have never had a vaginal orgasm and so want to learn. I would love to know the secret in finding a Masterful Lover.

  7. I’m 81 years a master finger man apsolutyly love the anatomy of a woman!!!! I love giving a finger and cupped Brest touch! I ask if I can’t find her hot pink spot and they tell me.that way I know I’m going to please my women !!!!!!!!

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