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What Is Masculinity? What Is Polarity? How Do You LEAD Your Woman?

It made me a little sick when I heard Calle say this during our workshop together, but it’s undeniable.

The ONLY Two Things That Can Happen
If You Don’t Lead Her

Calle Zorro of The Marriage You Want: “The first thing here to understand is no woman, before she was dating and hooked up with a guy, was not fantasizing about living her life in a platonic relationship where she and her husband are good friends and they share the tasks and they work together, share the bills and do a good job of shuttling the kids around.

What she dreamt about then and she still dreams about today is a man who knows how to inspire her, turn her on to where she can open up safely and securely into passion and excitement and giving and sharing and total openness and giving of self and sexuality.

That’s what a woman wants.

And here’s the problem that men must understand:

If their woman does not have a man who knows how to lead her to that happy, affectionate, sexual, passionate, exciting, stimulating kind of relationship, then sooner or later only one of two things can happen.

She will either leave and find another man, either by divorce or by affairs and cheating, or all of that unfulfilled energy will turn into sickness and which will then turn into terminal sickness.

Those are the only two things that can happen.

So actively leading your woman is serious business.

The best person in the world that I’ve found is my dear friend, Calle of TheMarriageYouWant.

THE MASCULINITY PROGRAM should be required reading for all men and includes:

  • – How To Be A MAN Who Is Attractive, Desirable, And Sexy To His Wife
  • – How To Be A Secure, Charismatic MAN Who Projects A Manly Aura
  • – How To Open Up A Wife Who Resists Being Affectionate Or Sexual
  • – How To Be A MAN Of Purpose And Money

Calle’s wisdom is that down-homey, realistic advice that not only makes intellectual sense, but the minute you start behaving the way he shows you, your woman immediately responds in the way you always fantasized she would.

Please, if you’re going to work on your sexual skills, ALSO work on your masculinity, leadership and self-confidence.

The Masculinity Program will pay off at home and at work.

Be All That You Can Be.

With love,
Susan Bratton

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