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Dating Multiple Women: All the variety, power and nookie you want. [Video]

Are you a serial monogamist…
Dating one woman at a time?

Big mistake!

Being polyamorous means variety, experience, control, power, and all the sex you want without being tied to the same woman.

You are doing yourself AND your girlfriend a serious disservice if you’re not ethically dating multiple women while you’re single.

There are specific steps that ANY guy can take – starting today – to openly have casual, sensual relationships with 3 or more attractive women… at the same time.

If any of these reasons have been holding you back, they are all MOOT, fixable, manageable:

  • you don’t want to lie
  • you don’t want to hurt women
  • you don’t want to lead women on
  • you don’t want drama
  • you don’t want to have a harem that’s working
  • and then later implodes massively
  • you believe that the women might start out happy
  • but eventually become upset and then resentful
  • you worry women will think you’re just a “player”

You can create a female-friendly agreement that lets her know where she stands and gives her the ability to date other men too.

You can create a mutually supportive experience for everyone involved because the net net of dating multiples with all pleasure and no drama is:

“If all the Mamas are happy, everybody is happy.”

Listen, if you HIDE IT and SNEAK IT, she will find out.

So follow this plan and have your cake (virility) and eat it too (stability)!

You should do and deserve to “date a few great women – drama free.” You gain experience and the ability to make a solid decision when the time comes to choose a mate.

Learn the verbal agreements you need to consciously make it a win:win:win:win:win with pleasure for all.

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Brought to you by Tallulah Sulis, Gabrielle Moore and Sloane Fox

With love,
Sloane Fox

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