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Deep-Spot Master Plan [Audio Download]

Ultimate Pleasure Techniques

You are invited to download or stream this 30-minute audio talk I had with  Adam Armstrong of Ultimate Orgasm Techniques about:

– Adam’s “Multi-Orgasmic Master Plan.”
(a clitoral, then 2 vaginal from G-Spot or deep spot fingering, then one from intercourse)

– Why Sexual Domination is not B D S M
and how to be dominant in the bedroom in a way she’ll beg for more.

– And how Erotic Bedroom Conversation is superior to “dirty talk” and exactly what to say.

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD <=== 3 Dominant Moves To Try Tonight [Audio]

(no email opt-in required to listen)

Listen Now:
Ultimate Orgasm Techniques

Or “right click” and “Save target as” or “Save link as” to download:

If you have ever struggled to give a woman even a single climax, this plan is her
stairway to heaven…

Ultimate Orgasm Techniques
<=== Go Immediately

Who’s your daddy, baby?

Today, it’s Adam Armstrong.

Listen up.

I’m in rare form and full of insider’s information into the pleasures of the
puss puss.

Ultimate Orgasm Techniques is the first online training to include MASCULINE DOMINATION and EROTIC TALK plus a simple step-by-step MULTIPLE ORGASM PLAN.

More desire from her.

More confidence from you.

Pump up the volume!
Note: Did you take the free “Benchmark Assessment” from Tallulah’s “Making Her Multi-Orgasmic” webinar?

Making Her Multi O Assessment

You get a free copy with 13 questions that assess your skill level at making a woman have multiple orgasms.

Grab your copy here:

Let me know how you do.

With love,
Sloane Fox

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