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How To Get Her Phone Number (and then text her to get a date)

All the texting strategies in the world don’t matter if you don’t have her number.


I asked two of my “go-to-guys,” Carlos Xuma of Alpha Lifestyle and Rob Judge of Magnetic Messaging, how a guy can confidently and smoothly get a woman’s phone number.

How Do You Smoothly Get A Girl’s Phone Number?

by Rob Judge of Magnetic Messaging

First, never “ask” for a number. Most girls have no problem giving their number out, but don’t want to feel “slutty” about it. If you flat-out ask her, you’re putting the burden on her. You’re making her feel slutty because she has to say, “Okay, I’ll give you my number.” Whereas if you simply state it (e.g., “Hey, I think you’re cool to talk to. Let me grab your number”), you make her decision MUCH easier. Now there’s no “added step” in the interaction. She can simply smile and punch her number into your phone!

What if she says, “no?’ How do you recover?

The best way to do it is by assuming the best, and preparing for the worst. In other words, you should ask and believe she’s going to give you her number; yet, if she doesn’t, you should be prepared to get her emotional enough to reconsider. For example, in the day time, you can walk directly up to an attractive girl and say, “Hey, I’m sort of in a rush but I think you’re stunning and want to take you for a cup of coffee sometime. Let me grab your number.” If she says no to that, or hesitates, you can get playful and start teasing her, saying, “But I plan on taking you to this little ma-and-pop place…it’s real indie…place is called STARBUCKS. You’re going to LOVE it…they have this exotic drink called a FRAPACHINO!” From there, once she’s giggling, PLACE THE PHONE IN HER HAND (very important) and say, “Yeah, so put your number in.” If she says no more than 3 times, only then does she (possibly) mean it.

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Can you turn a “no” into a “yes?”

Of course. As we explain in the Magnetic Messaging video, NO decision is final with a woman, and attraction isn’t black-or-white. Guys who understand that are the guys who are wildly successful with women.

How do you make sure she’s not giving you a fake number?

There’s really not much you can do other than run a solid interaction. If she gave you a fake number, then she’s not interested and “calling her out” will only create an awkward moment (and will almost never result in her then giving you a real number). Therefore, you’re better off just trusting that she likes you, and assuming the number is real. If it isn’t, you’ll find out when you go to text/call her (and then it won’t be awkward).

When she gives you the number, what do you say?

Try to hang in there and get one more emotional “high point,” which can be as simple as getting her to giggle one more time. This is super simple. You can say something like, “Now I can text you Shakespearean sonnets!” or something playful like that. Not only is this great for solidifying the interaction, it also gives you a great first text to send her later on because you can play on the little “inside” joke you create. You can text something as a simple as “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? ;] Great meeting you in the park earlier –Shakespeare…but you can call me Rob” and you know she’s going to love it.

How To Get A Girl’s Number

by Carlos Xuma of Alpha Lifestyle

One of the most common questions guys ask is, “I want to know how to get a girls number?”


Well, we all know there’s a simple answer:
You ASK for it.

But what most guys are REALLY asking is: “How do I get a girls number
without being afraid of rejection – or being turned down?”

There are 3 secret steps for to how to get a girls number. If you follow
these, you’ll have NO problem in getting her number.

By the way – a little side benefit here is that you’ll also avoid her Flaking out on you later on. Ever call the number a woman gave you and get “The number you have reached is no longer in service…”?

No more of that.

Here’s Step 1 of How to get a girls number –

Make sure you…

To get the rest of this article, just go here. (no opt-in required and the full answer is there).

Note: Step two is the one where most guys make the most mistakes – and it’s the easiest to prevent.

It’s also why so many women flake out…

Go watch the video for this article here:
Special report: How to get a girls phone number


With love,
Susan Bratton

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