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Multi-Orgasmic Stroke Advice: Pressure, Speed [FREE Audio mp3]

KHC Webinar: Multi-O Home Page

Hear me describe, in real time, what Robert is doing to Ripple with his hands as he’s giving her three climaxes in a row in this free 6 minute audio.

Listen to my run-down as he’s giving her multiple orgasms.

Listen to >>> Multi-Orgasmic Stroke Advice  a verbal, detailed account of multiple orgasm.

“She’s clenching down on his fingers inside her vagina – that’s a contraction – which focuses her orgasmic sensation.”


“Making Her Multi-Orgasmic”  [Complimentary “On-Demand” Webinar]  <=== FREE Sign Up Here


“He maintains the clitoral stimulation, but changes from a pointer finger clitoral stroke with medium pressure and medium speed to a flat-handed multi-finger wide wiping action that expands her moment of climax.”

“At the end he presses his whole, flat palm over her vulva to bring her back into her body, to ground her, to “meet” her engorged tissue, which feels incredibly satisfying to her.”

Learn more about how to give a woman all kinds of orgasms<=== Free webinar + Replay Link.

*  Multi-O Webinar Fine Print  *

When you sign up for the Making Her Multi Orgasmic webinar you pick one of three workshop times.

You can attend the workshop live at the scheduled time and/or watch “on demand” at your convenience anytime in the 10 days after your webinar with the replay link that is emailed to you after your scheduled webinar time.

For example, if you sign up for the webinar this week on Wednesday night at 6pm Pacific. You can watch then or wait until the next day when we email you a replay link to watch online when ever you want to within 10 days.

Watch the webinar as many times in 10 days as you want.

Don’t share your link with others. Send your friends to to sign up themselves.

Thank you and let me know how the webinar is for you.

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  1. Dear:
    I would like to be register with you and take care for all of my missed idea about orgasms female or miss understanding with my partner in how I could gate here together in orgasm point
    with my regards

  2. I have listened to your technique description. I pray that I may soon find a lover who will allow me to try to bring her to fulfillment. I’m dating now, but these relationships are all in their early stages. I’ll get back to you – let’s hope I can find someone. I’m ready.
    Your fan and follower,
    David Arthur

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