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Multiple G-Spot Orgasms and Longer Lasting Erections [Mailbag]


I am married, 30 yrs old and my wife is 28. We have been together since high school.

On the G-Spot, we know where it is and my wife has G-Spot orgasms. As far as squirting she has happened a few times. But it hardly ever happens. She has very intense orgasms but says she doesn’t feel the need to squirt. Squirting would be great but our goal is for her to have intense G-Spot multiple orgasms.

On stamina. I have no problem on getting erections. I am in descent physical shape so I am not sure if its physical or more likely mental that I need to focus on. I would love to be able to choose when I want to ejaculate but would also settle for just being able to last through her orgasming when we are having intercourse. When she goes, I go too.  Which isn’t horrible, but I just want to make it through that point in sex so I can give her more orgasms during intercourse because that is what she wants the most and me too.


Dear Will,

I like your style!

For intense orgasms including G-Spot, I’d recommend Female Liquid Orgasm. Tallulah is very good at couples orgasms of all kinds, especially G-Area, using fingers, oral, blended, toys and penis/intercourse. The videos in the program are great to watch together – there’s an arty series with real women (not porn stars or rubber dolls) having G-Spot orgasms you can watch together and there’s an up close techniques series for guys to see a whole “date,”  stroke-by-stroke.

Watch the arty series together and the stroke series yourself if she’s conservative. The first time I watched the arty videos I knew right then and there I wanted to have orgasms like that!

As far as ejaculatory choice, there is no one better than Destin Gerek and his Orgasmic Mastery for Men program. I’m glad to hear you’re 30, because Destin is kinda “metrosexual” looking and older men sometimes find him a little edgy looking. However, he’s absolutely THE BEST I’ve ever heard, and I know him personally. I featured him on a segment of Revive Her Drive called, “Ejaculatory Choice” and he’s excellent. He walks his walk and his program shows you not just ejaculatory choice but male multiple orgasm and how to lead your woman sexually in super hot ways.

Here’s my special link

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and a coupon code  9B7B1CE for $100 off.

You will be able to make her come and come as long as you want once you know this. And since a woman doesn’t get warmed up until she’s had a few orgasms, holding your climax off while you keep her coming is exactly the right plan to get her to have lots of sex with you.

You might want to listen to this free interview with Sloane and Adam Armstrong about Sexual Domination, The Orgasm Master Plan and Dirty Talk as well.

Also, read these blog posts on hip drops and penis swivels. It will help you give her multiple intercourse orgasms.

You might also enjoy our free webinar called, “Making Her Multi-Orgasmic.” Register free here and you’ll get a replay link you can watch anytime.

Your wife is about to have way more fun. And so are you, Will. Thanks for asking. I love these kinds of questions from men who know great sex keeps getting better when you learn new techniques and communication skills. Yay for you!

With love,
Susan Bratton

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3 Responses

  1. 1- learn to hold–change position or use finger & tongue, alternate, may take months
    2- feel pee, let up pressure, go to A spot, use tongue, help her relax & let it go even if get in face

  2. no matter what i try my wife doesnt like it when i play with her g spot she says it feels like she s got to pee and she tells me to leave it alone dont know what else to do james

    1. James,
      It feels like she has to pee because the ejaculate wants to come out. That’s really good news! You have a solid foundation to start from.
      This is exactly why we created Female Liquid Orgasm, to show you how to make it safe enough for her to let it go.
      And how to talk to her. How to guide her. And how to stroke her so it feels really, really good to her.
      You need to talk to her, find out what she’s afraid of.
      You can read this post Oral Sex Solution, because the prescriptive advice is the same for your situation.
      But if you want to ensure total pleasure, happiness, enthusiasm and ejaculation with your wife so she loves it, get FLO and go through it first yourself and then with her. FLO gives you all the tools you need to have wild nights of squirting ecstasy together.

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