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Personal Life Media’s Sexperts

Personal Life Media’s Sexperts

A couple things make Personal Life Media’s online home study courses unique.

First, we focus on how a man can create more intimacy and passion with his woman.

Secondly, our experts given men a woman’s perspective and experience.

And we are focused on both sexual communication skills and advanced sexual mastery techniques because they go hand in hand to create great sex between partners.

Most importantly, our content is “conscious.” That means we never use manipulation, we are female-friendly, ethical and believe in complete honesty as a couple.

Sloane Fox is our sensual ambassador and an expert in sexual communication.

Dr. Patti Taylor is the world’s leading expert in Expanded Orgasm and expanded lovemaking.

Tallulah Sulis is a global expert in female ejaculation and female orgasm.

Susan Bratton is our CEO and a thought-leader in passionate relationships.

You can find more information about each of their programs here:

Expand Her Orgasm Tonight

Seduction Trilogy

Revive Her Drive

Female Liquid Orgasm

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