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Texting Reinforces All 5 Pillars of A Passionate Relationship

You can reinforce ALL FIVE of the pillars of a passionate relationship with texting.

Plus, texting is a very efficient means of intimate communication – a quick, “I  adore you, darling,” can make her happy all day long.


It’s fast, easy and she will enjoy the novelty.


One of the most delightful things about texting each other is the joy you get from simply playing around with through SMS.

You can text goofy jokes, silly pictures, photos of yourself during the day to lift her out of the doldrums of her day.

“What animal is always trying to catch it’s breath?”
“A panther.”
“Baby, you turn me into a panther,
you are breathtakingly beautiful to me!”

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Putting your attention on your woman is the first step in a mindful, proactive relationship. She wants your presence, your affection and you can give it to her from anywhere you are in the world.

“Sweetie, I just want you to know you are on my mind today.
Remembering your sweet smile at dinner last night warms my heart.”

Honesty and vulnerability — hallmarks of mindfulness that make a relationship passionate — can be communicated via text.

“Last night when I held you while we watched TV made me remember why I love you so dearly.
You are my woman, my lady, my love.
I will protect and take care of you forever, my darling.”

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You can text her that you love her.
You can acknowledge special occasions.
This is very important to women.
Even have a little ritual together through texting – perhaps telling her one thing you love about her every single day.
You can send her pictures of the two of you on your last romantic outing. Images of you two together create meaning in her life.
Imagery grounds a woman in her relationship in a way that most men don’t need to feel close to their lady.
Think about texting her silly and loving pictures often.


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You can even create sensate connection – touching her, having her experience her sense of smell, of vision, of aural pleasure – with texting.

First of all, when she feels the vibration of your incoming text, she’ll get a thrill running through her body. She might have butterflies in her stomach or a moment of excitement knowing you are thinking about her. Moreover, you CAN and should use sensory words in your texts. Describing textures, colors, smells, sounds, images all increase the value of your texts to her.


Romance, sensuality, seduction, intimacy and lovemaking are enhanced through erotic communication. When you want to seduce a woman, one of the most effective channels available is erotic communication.

That’s why poetry and love songs have been written for women throughout the millennia. We love to be aurally pleasured.

For example, this text is a twist on an Edgar Allan Poe poem called, A Dream Within A Dream.

“Take this kiss upon the brow. And in parting from you now.
Is everything we see or seem. But a dream within a dream?
Good night light of my life.”

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A woman’s feeling of passion is ignited through her heart and mind first, and then through the sensual arousal of her body.  Though you may not write her poetry or sing her love songs, you can approximate this thrill through romantic text messages.


With love,
Susan Bratton

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