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Cultivating More Desire, Increasing Her Libido, More Variety In Sex

  1. How can I get her to give me oral?
  2. How can I get her to try new positions?
  3. How can I get her to tell me what she likes?
  4. How do I know if she came?

These are the most common questions you ask.

You hunger for your woman to want, to crave, to need, to desire you and for her sexual appetite to expand to embrace new, sensual, sexy, erotic and even naughty fun.

And you are crushed when already vanilla sex gets even more repetitive and her interest in intimacy wanes over time.

To prevent your woman’s desire, libido and drive from diminishing, you can enroll her in getting back on the upward pleasure spiral with these two strategies. If you want to truly be Her Sexual Trainer, you can download my eBook and audiobook here.

Here are the top two ways you can incite her interest and expand her capacity for sexual excitement:

1) Seek External Triggers

2) Internally Generate Triggers


Did you ever hear someone say, “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like?”

Apply that to your woman’s burgeoning sexuality. She might not have much experience, nor exposure to sexual possibility. You can help her by introducing her to possible ideas and scenarios.

Here’s a short list to get you started. Please add your idea to this list by commenting below.

  • Buy or read her erotica. I recommend Susie Bright‘s work.
  • Watch sensual movies together.
  • Watch tame pornography created for women in a genre she might find interesting. Check Jane’s Guide or the Feminist Porn Awards (try Cabaret Desire) for recommendations.
  • Run her a menu of fantasy scenarios that might appeal to her based on things you’ve noticed have turned her on in the past.


Your partner will always be your best teacher of what she likes! The true Master Trainer employs the art of getting her to discover—and reveal—her deepest secrets. This is the easy formula I show you how to do in “Her Sexual Trainer,” part of my Seduction Trilogy program.

All humans have sexual thoughts. But many women suppress theirs because of cultural or religious shame. Over time, as she “gives up” on her sexuality, the thoughts become more fleeting and less frequent. Encourage your lady to notice when something sexual occurs to her and to spend a few moments thinking about it, even expanding on it.

Over time, more sexual thoughts will come to her and if you support her in embracing these thoughts, it will help her body connect with her mind in a more sensual manner.

If you can, try to create a safe space for her to share her sexual thoughts with you. Don’t act on them unless she specifically requests you to.

Of course, all of this mental attention on sex is only part of the equation for increasing her desire. Increasing her body awareness to her sensuality is the cornerstone of awakening her. Susan covers the “sensual awakening” in depth as part of the Revive Her Drive program.

With love,
Patricia Taylor

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