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Erotic Breathwork Deepens Arousal and Intimacy

Breathe with your lover in the following ways to arouse your bodies, connect more deeply and with practice, achieve ecstatic states.

Three things to know:

  • -breathing styles
  • -body positions
  • -intentions to hold during an Erotic Breathwork session

Breathe in and out through the nose or mouth or alternate, depending on the technique you are doing.

Sit facing each other or lie down facing each other or sit YabYum style. (see pic)

Hold the intention by actively thinking about sending warmth, love and energy in a circuit through each other with each intake and exhale.

For example, a sweet, basic erotic breathwork experience could be you two sitting opposite each other, your legs intertwined comfortably, pillows propped around you. Get your faces close. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Let your jaws relax and get slack.  Look in each others eyes and close your eyes as you like – it’s OK to alternate opening and closing your eyes.

As you are breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, you can make a little sound on the exhale. If this sounds erotic or sexy, even better.

The man’s lung capacity being greater means he’ll likely need to breathe more shallowly and she’ll need to breathe more deeply.

As she breathes out through her mouth, he breathes in.

As he breathes out, she breathes in.

You are circling your breath together, creating a loop.

If you lose your rhythm, just get it back.

If you want to laugh, smile, touch – do it.

Do what brings the two of you heightened pleasure.

This is enough.

You can kiss before or after. Or both.

And you can add “circling your energy” through each other as you are breathing in unison.

First, put a hand on each other’s heart and imagine a swirl of connected electricity channeling through you.  Your hands are portals to more erotic energy to add to your breath.

Or put one hand on each others heart and the other hand on each others genitals.

Now you are breathing in through your hearts and down and out through your genitals. Imagine your breath intertwingling with your lovers and breathing love from your hearts down through your genitals, arousing and engorging them.

Do what feels good.

Have fun.

At the end, which is whatever time frame is long enough for you two to try it and get over your giggles or awkward feelings, and short enough that it’s a bonding, connecting experience but not so long that you feel uncomfortable.

When you’re done and before you transition to the next sensual activity, take time to hold each other and share a few frames (what are frames?) about what you enjoyed and what made you feel silly or weird.

Breathing is a source of arousal energy.
Breathing together gets you both in your bodies together.
And trying new things adds variety and novelty to your sex life.

You can make this exercise as sweet or as sexy as you want.

One fun alternative is to do as above but add penetration. You can be inside her soft, hard or anything in between, for added eroticism.

If you want more erotic Breathwork ideas, reply on the blog post and I’ll give you more.

If you try this, comment on the blog and let us know how it went for you.

With love,
Sloane Fox

11 Responses

  1. Breathing exercise is the most needed exercise for everyone, but purse your lips before exhaling to create some resistance. This increases your ability to fight off any infections, by raising the oxygen level in your blood.

  2. when i insert my ………. in her ………… i ejaculate within a minute why is it so….i want her to give atleast 10 to 15min…so that she can satisfy….reply me

  3. For ED/PE this technique begins the process to move energy with consciousness.
    I also recommend a personal self practice for men and women:
    1. Cultivate Arousal energy everyday or awaken the Kundilini. If in partnership the above works. In a solo practice, you would want to set aside time for self-love making. For some this could include erotic images and the like, for me I love sexual healing by Marvin Gaye.
    2. Breath the Circular breath- so easy breath-in/breath-out connecting the inflow to the outflow and the sound of love “ahhh”.
    3. One hand on heart one on ehhh the root (for right handed men left hand on root and right hand on heart; foe women left hand on left breast and right hand on root).
    4. Practice strengthening PC muscle by stopping and starting your urine flow, or when you pee think of me… I like to use “row row row your boat” so the squeeze is off and on…then when men want ejaculation control flutter or squeeze and release rapidly and when women want to have orgasm do the same flutter the PC muscle. When you get to gently down the stream press out and bear down evacuating all the bladder and practicing the “release” as well.
    5.Remember the “ahhh”? When you are cultivate the climax of orgasm use “oooh” sounds with full self expression.

    Shamana Shakti

  4. I discovered this by accident with my ex girlfriend and we both freaked. It was some of the best sex we ever had and already our sex was off the charts….would love to hear more about other techniques!

  5. WE have grate and enjoyable moment but I was so aroused that I ejaculated before entering her
    why? how to overcome this PE ????

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