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Passion and Intimacy Notes for Jason Julius, Orgasm Arts

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A complimentary download from:

Susan Bratton
Personal Life Media

Dear Friend,

Susan Bratton and Jason Julius Passionate Intimacy for the interview with Jason Julius of Orgasm Arts. <=== Click Here To Download – All The Links Are Inside.

I have links on much of the content so you can read more about any individual area that is of interest to you.

You are welcome to email me personally if you have any further questions.



Passion and Intimacy

“The core knowledge you need to have a deeply intimate and very passionate sexual relationship with your girlfriend or wife.”

Our mission is to give men the tools to lead their woman into passion and intimacy that keeps getting better and better (instead of more boring and less frequent sex, which is most common).

This is an overview of our perspective on better sex and what a man might put his attention on if he wants to lead his woman to her sexual potential.

We call this the “Upward Pleasure Spiral.”

Once you know these fun and life-enriching techniques, your sex life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, it just naturally builds on itself, getting better and better, when you get the foundation in place.

These concepts can evolve a vanilla relationship to one of outrageous erotic adventure and ONEness with your lover.



How DESIRE works.

The 5 keys to a passionate relationship.

The 8 steps to reclaim passion if it’s degraded within an existing relationship.


Our “core concepts” are the foundation of our teachings that accelerate all of our programs.*

There are two categories of core concepts a man must have to gain momentum in the joy he gets with his partner from sexual intimacy:

1) Communication Skills
2) Advanced Sexual Mastery Techniques


The Four Keys to Seduction: Small Offers, Vision, Erotic Vigilance and Vulnerability

Reporting In From My Animal

Sharing Frames

Sandbox Dates and Training Her Sexually


Polarity  [Audio]

Anatomy and Engorgement

Touching For Rapture

Female Multiple Orgasm Fundamentals

Expanded Orgasm Technique

Female Liquid Orgasm Technique

With love,
Susan Bratton

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