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The 7 Steps to Manhood

The 7 Steps to Manhood

“The Sioux hunter, the Zulu warrior, the Aboriginal elder, and the medieval craftsman lived glorious lives and cared for an protected their people and their world. Why should modern man be any less a man than his ancestors?” — Steve Biddulph, author of Manhood

Seven Steps To Manhood

1. Fix it with your father.
2. Find sacredness in your sexuality
3. Meet your partner on equal terms.
4. Engage actively with your kids.
5. Learn to have real male friends.
6. Find heart in your work.
7. Free your wild spirit.

We are here to support you in finding the sacredness in your sexuality and meeting your partner on equal terms.

That delicate balance requires some help in today’s overly-sexualized and feminist culture.

Never forget the incredible opportunity you have to simply enjoy your manhood just as we, as women, revel in our femininity, our love of family, our domestic abilities and our co-creative spirit.

The beauty of simply being alive, being human, being man and woman is an exquisite pleasure that can be overtaken by the demands of our work and our culture.

Feel your core masculinity.

One of the most erotic and satisfying experiences you can have is coming at the same time as your lover. Controlling the timing of your ejaculation, by following science-based techniques developed to control your pubococcygeus PC muscles, enables you to come exactly when you want to come.

Learn more by watching this video where you’ll learn a technique to 10X the sensation you feel when you ejaculate and how to last until your woman is done having orgasms during lovemaking.

With love,
Susan Bratton

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