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I Want To Learn How To Give Her Squirting Orgasms!

Gunner replied to an email from us and said, “I want to learn how to give her squirting orgasms!”

My reply:

Hi Gunner,

Thanks for letting us know you are interested in more information on female ejaculatory orgasms. We have an online program with audio, video and eBooks that teaches you what to do to help your woman achieve squirting orgasms. The techniques are pretty straightforward, but the emotional dynamic is what’s tricky and requires our help. Female Liquid Orgasm is our program that gives you all the education you need to know exactly what to do and the couples exercises and emotional support she’ll need to let go and squirt.

But be careful, Gunner! If she’s not asking for ejaculatory orgasms, you can’t just “go for it.”

You have to work your way in to this kind of orgasmic experience with her.

I recommend starting with Expand Her Orgasm Tonight, by Dr. Patti. If you’re not currently able to give her genital stroking that results in her coming repeatedly, then expecting her to squirt is putting the cart before the horse.

Read this email about awakening her G-Spot to see what I mean.

Hope that helps!
With love,
Susan Bratton

You may download this free eBook to get more information regarding squirting orgasms!

3 Responses

  1. my wife has always been able to squirt and the best thing i can say is WOW its awsome and after she is able to completely relax it happens easier.

    good luck

  2. Hello
    My question is when im srtroking the Gspot an rubbing the clit , how can I help
    make her squirt more ? Also what other techniques could I use to make it more powerful ?

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