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If She Says NO To Sex More Than She Says Yes… Do This.

Proposal Perfection: How to Get Her to Say YES

Do you ask for less than you really desire because you’re afraid her answer will be, “No?” Then grab this simple seduction model that shows you the easy way to get her to yes.

“She’s A Yes To You.”

Discover how it’s possible to be totally confident making a woman an offer that she will say yes to.

Despite the stereotype that a guy will do anything for sex, many men also face challenges asking for, giving, and receiving all the pleasure they would like.

  • Have you ever experienced a challenge wondering how or when to bring up the topic of lovemaking?
  • The last time you broached the subject, did she shut you down?
    (You need a shortcut to get her out of “NO”-mode.)
  • Are you concerned that if you ask, you’ll “spoil the mood,” or you want sex to happen spontaneously… and it doesn’t happen enough?
  • What if she doesn’t communicate well about intimate details?
    Perhaps she’s shy, she’s inexperienced, or she’s more experienced than you and you’re afraid of rejection?

And further, you’d like to try some of the sexy new techniques  you’re discovering by being part of our Insider’s Club, but you’re afraid she’ll turn her nose up at your ideas, then you need this seduction strategy.

  • And the most annoying of all… What worked last time doesn’t seem to work the next time and you can’t unlock her “system.”

These are problems every man faces.

And I can give you the simple answer to getting her to start saying yes to you.

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How To Get Her To Say Yes To You


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There is a “secret psychology” to getting someone to say yes, and Susan Bratton – an evangelist for sexual bliss, freedom and fulfillment and a true life-adventurer ― gives you a series of strategies that will get women to both say “yes” to you – and to follow your lead.

In this audio dialog she will give you – from a woman’s point of view – the Four Keys to Seduction, how to replace rejection with connection ― and how the dance of seduction is a fun and learnable skill…  No matter how shy or hesitant you may have been in the past.

Click the link and you will be able to stream my audio. 
Right click on the purple download button.
Then save the mp3 audio file to your computer or smartphone.

She’s A Yes To You with Susan Bratton

Of the 40 interviews Adam Gilad did during his State of Dating tele-summit, he says, “Susan, you were THE superstar.”

“I worked very hard to make this easy plan so you can start having more fun and intimacy  immediately.” ― With Love, Susan Bratton

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