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What Her BODY Wants

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Attraction between men and women is a subtle dance of signals.

She sends signals which charge you up and you send signals that ignite her…
’til the tension becomes too much and there’s only one way to release it 😉
As a guy, you get turned on by a woman’s physicality – her beautiful face, her soft skin, the curve of her hips – signals of youth, fertility, and femininity.

Women are turned on by your character – your focus, your effectiveness in the world, and your decisiveness…

Your accomplishments signal strength, leadership, and masculinity…

And these attractors continue to keep your WIFE interested in being sexual with you over the long term.
You see, we women have evolved ‘sixth sense.’
We know when you’re faking it.
We know the difference between TRUE CONFIDENCE – which comes from your own knowledge that you can get things done – and posturing.
So your job as a man is to be that “get things done” guy – that guy who lives his passion – and follows through with what he starts.
Procrastination erodes your masculine energy.
When you put things off, you don’t respect yourself… and she picks up on it.

If you want to be that capable, effective “gets things done” man women want,
You need to

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right now…  <=== Don’t Wait!

My good friend Zach found a way to help you break down the barriers that are stopping you from getting all the things done that you want to accomplish.
I’ve read a TON of motivation and productivity books, but I’ve never seen a solution that identifies the blocks you have to taking action and then removes them one-by-one.
There’s some weird stuff holding you back.
What he teaches is so powerful, more than one guy has said he now get more done in 2 hours than he used to in a week (seriously!). When you’re THAT effective, confidence just radiates off of you…and ‘click’ she gets turned on.
If you’ve ever struggled with procrastination or don’t feel like you’re getting enough done in a day.  <=== Find Your Focus
This easy system could be
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to step up your confidence and accomplishments and I can’t recommend it enough.
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With love,
Susan Bratton

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