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Engorgement Strokes For More Sensation

Relief from Engorgement: Expert Advice

If you want every stroke, every touch, every lick to feel exquisite to her, you must spend time  engorging her whole vulva before you enter her.

This image above illustrates the outer areas of her genital area that respond very well to stroking for engorgement.

Don’t let her rush you.

Take your time.

Use organic oil, like avocado or coconut, to warm up her skin and the tissue under her skin so that you bring blood to her whole outer area including the parts with pubic hair which are her mons venus and her outer labia.

Also stroke the area where her thighs meet her torso.

This is a very sensual area for women.

Stroke all the way down around the lower section of her vulva, between the perineum and her vagina.

Tell her what you are doing just before you do it, “Now I’m running my hand down this soft skin at the bottom of your vaginal opening, enjoying how springy the skin feels on my fingertips.”

Massage the part of her butt that blends into her vulva and stroke all the way down to her sits bones.

If she’ll let you,  put her on her tummy on some pillows and massage her butt until it’s soft and sensitive.

Roll her over and give her a tummy massage.

Stroke her thighs with long, smooth flat-palm strokes.

Kiss her eyelids, her cheeks. Stroke her cheek with the back of your fingers.

Look into her eyes.

Tell her what you find most beautiful about her.

Cup her mons venus with your hand and hold it there like a precious treasure as you kiss her.  It will
warm to your hand and engorge further – the light pressure will ground her and make her feel safe
in your arms.

Spend time giving her love and affection.

Every moment of your life that you have the opportunity to connect in heart and body with another human is precious.

Slow down.

Feel more.

Love more.

You will find that by stroking a wider area of her body, by covering more ground with your touch, that her whole sexual experience with you will be enlivened.

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10 Responses

  1. My gf melts in my hands when I begin to massage & caress her. Aroma candle lit room & Zen music playing sets the mood perfect. She says I have magic hands like no other man. All you guys out there learn to massage properly your woman will be putty in your hands & will want you more. Have fun

  2. Thanks for this series – the really great thing is that even if I’ve been practising plenty of this, there’s always more to learn.

    One of the big aspects of pleasurable sex is that women usually won’t tell you what works. They are changeable, and anyway, it turns them on when the man KNOWS what to do and they don’t have to think about it at all. That’s why educating yourself is so important.

  3. Iam currently single but seeking my soulmate for life. I enjoy your instruction and definitely ready to learn everything I can to give my future wife max pleasure day snd nite every day of our life. Reading your material it is amazing to realize a woman’ body was designed for pleasure. Probably like most men I only knew ‘lusting’ for a woman’s body but my eyes are being opened to the whole ‘other realm’ of giving her pleasures. Im sure most women are thinking “duh” but as a man I confess I need help on learning to LOVE. Thank you for teaching us men.

  4. This information should be a real eye opener for all of us husbands who thing we are doing a superior job at foreplay with our woman. I now realize I have not been doing nearly as much as I could have and should have to give my lady an opportunity to receive maximum enjoyment and pleasure of which she is capable. I consider myself a good lover because my wife has one or more orgasms whenever we make love. It dawns on me she would enjoy sex more often (as indeed I would) if I stimulated and aroused her more fully and completely than I have been doing. My male logic tells me if I followed the instructions in this report and really turned her on and then made love we both would feel more loving and passionate for each other. I think she would be more available. I know I would feel more masculine knowing I was more successful at what I enjoy the most.

  5. Oh great its worth reading and i have enjoyed it thoroughly doing patting of area around vulva and i beliveve its the most perfect foreplay to arouse your soulmate
    You have put it in words what i am enjoying for years
    And ofcourse i believe sex is recreational when you grow old
    Covering the vulva with whole of your hand its so hot and it will become full pink red because of flow of blood

  6. gid ufo….
    Can u do me a frvr….if u have any grl ..just contact me…i need it despretly….i m in islamabad…

  7. Patti, thanks for he reminders! A stroke you had mentioned in the past, that my woman really loves, is to gently squeeze the vaginal lips with my thumb and index finger. As I move up and down squeezing, I will usually find a very sensitive area. As per her being a woman, the sensitive spot will move around day to day 🙂 However, not only does it increase general engorgement, she has had orgasms just by squeezing and massaging this area. So thanks! from her and me.
    Ron in NYC

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