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Love Chemicals and Women’s Infidelity [Mailbag]

Hi Susan,

I find your Revive Her Drive product very interesting.  At the same time, I have to admit that your Lust Triggers Webinar depressed me some.  Just the fact that chemical levels wane 2-3 years into the relationship is daunting and depressing at the same time.

Then I was further depressed after reading a summary of Michelle Langley’s book, “Women’s Infidelity.”

She has similar beliefs in the waning of chemicals, but then she believes the likelihood of affairs spikes after this.  Have you read it?  What do you think of it?  When your chemical levels waned were you personally or any of your female friends tempted by others, at least to a greater degree?

And beyond your approach of mind over matter (or in addition to it)…wouldn’t it stand to reason that a husband could incite a new wave of chemicals in a female that would span a new 2-3 years, later in their relationship?

One major interest I have is, I get that you are illustrating techniques on mind over  matter/biology…but what if biology can come back, a second wave, or a second hit of chemicals that bond you two again?

Thanks for any insight,

Dear RK,

Thanks for asking for clarification about the waning Love Chemicals.

1) Oxytocin, Vasopressin and other “Love Chemicals” (hormones) wane sometimes as early as 2-4 MONTHS into a new relationship and are a major cause for lack of sexual interest over time with the same partner.

2) You can absolutely stimulate more Love Chemicals in your partner. Orgasms release Oxytocin and related hormones, as do kissing, touching and eye-gazing.

The whole idea of Revive Her Drive is to give you a step-by-step plan, called, “The 4 Elements of Revival,” to stair-step your woman back into having sexual interest for you so you can get her Love Chemicals coursing through her body again and have even more passionate sex than when you first got together.

One of the books inside Revive Her Drive is called, “What the Cave Man Knew,” by Susan Kuchinskas, expert in Love Chemicals and author of “The Chemistry of Connection: How the Oxytocin Response Can Help You Find Trust, Intimacy and Love.”

What The Cave Man Knew,” shows you how to trigger your woman’s primal urges and reignite your sex life.

There are three steps to awakening her inner Cave Woman — the one whose fiery desire for you seems as natural as breathing or sleeping.

Here’s what you need to know — and what the Caveman knew:

  1. The more she loves you, the less she may want you.
  2. You CAN reset her sexual clock to the sexual intensity of when you met.
  3. There are three misunderstood ingredients in her lust and love chemical cocktail. You need to know about them.

You really can shake up her brain chemistry to make her hot for you again.

And to answer your other questions:

1) Yes, my husband was able to stoke my Love Chemicals again and my sexual appetite, my orgasmic abilities and my feelings of pleasure continue to grow on a monthly basis, continuing to get better and better even though at one point I didn’t want to have sex with him at all anymore. So it is truly possible to turn around your sex life and make it hotter and juicier than ever. To this, Tim and I and the Personal Life Media team are committed as a company and as our passion.

Every human’s sexuality is an infinite source of connection and pleasure.

2) Yes, I agree with Michelle Langley, author of “Women’s Infidelity,” that as Love Chemicals wane in a relationship, women are more likely to want to have sex with others outside their marriage. Some do, some fantasize and it’s a growing percentage of women who act on their feelings.

What I also notice, working primarily with men, is that a majority of men are completely blindsided by their wives’ affairs, just as Michelle Langley noted in her interviews with women.

Bottom line?

More women than ever are dissatisfied with their sex lives in their marriage.

More women than ever are having affairs.

More women than ever are asking for divorce.

It’s time to disrupt this trend by getting the skills it takes to create a long-term passionate relationship that keeps getting better.

Revive Her Drive is a turn-around solution that shows you how to get your woman sexually turned on for you by slowly awakening her innate sexuality by creating trust so she can surrender to her body’s natural desires.

The skills and techniques we show you will create a passionate, highly sexual relationship.

So even if your wife’s Love Chemicals have waned, RK…

Even if you suspect your wife might be having an affair…

It may not be too late if you take action NOW to turn your relationship into a hot, erotic, intimate, loving, pleasurable experience.

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