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Month 10 – Transform Your Beliefs To Transform Your Life with Lion Goodman

Leadership Insights by Lion Goodman: Expert Perspective

Where ever you are now is based on your personal set of beliefs. Every belief is a limitation that can be re-examined and updated. And these beliefs were formed out of early experiences. Further, where you’re NOT getting what you want, just examine what you believe about that subject and you’ll see you are holding yourself back, limiting yourself.

Want to change your life? Want more intimacy, passion, sexual thrill? Then go to the core of your beliefs and change yourself from the inside out and you’ll see immediate results.

Lion Goodman has created a technique that goes deeper, into your subconscious, to truly change your limiting beliefs. The subconscious doesn’t use “rational thought” or words to process. The subconscious uses images.

Try this visualization exercise with Lion where you actually change your beliefs at the subconscious level to get the results you want. We discuss how you can help your partner overcome her limiting beliefs too.  This module picks up from where Morty Lefkoe leaves off. This is limiting belief busting 2.0.

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