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Vaginally Orgasmic: Most Women Don’t Realize They Are Even Capable Of Vaginal Orgasms.

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Bob asks, “I mastered giving women clitoral orgasms and realized that’s only part of the fun. Did you achieve only clitoral orgasms for most of your life until you learned there was more? Seems most women don’t realize they are even capable of vaginal orgasms. Am I right?”

Dear Bob,

Thank goodness you and I are both “lifelong learners.”

For years I wanted to have orgasms during intercourse… but it didn’t happen for me.

I thought I was “bad in bed.”

I thought I was incapable of having vaginal orgasms.

Until Tim and I started our Expanded Orgasm practice <=== Learn More)

And even though Expanded Orgasm is a clitoral stroking technique that lets a woman come over and over with richer and more full orgasms for 5, 15, 30, even 45 minutes, it was Expanded Orgasms that allowed me to get engorged enough to experience my first vaginal orgasms.

Turns out, it was turn on, engorgement, trust, surrender, feeling sexually accomplished that allowed me to finally have vaginal orgasms. I learned all of these skills from my Expanded Orgasm dates with Tim.

First I experienced them from fingering.

Then I experienced them during intercourse.

Before, when a penis was inside me, it took me down, instead of up, into more turn on.

Over time, as I became generally more orgasmic, and specifically more vaginally orgasmic from Expanded Orgasm strokes, I could get turned on enough to have all kinds of orgasms from clitoral to blended to vaginal to G-Spot and beyond.

Women are able to have full body orgasms from all kinds of stimulation including kissing and breast play.

The sky is the limit.

Anyone of any age can learn how to have more and better orgasms.

And it just keeps getting better.

Cast aside any limiting beliefs and get stroking!

Stroke On!

With love,
Susan Bratton

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