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Nothing better than a woman HUNGRY for "IT."

We get tons of frustrated emails about “getting her to initiate.”

If she’s not chasing your tail around the bedroom begging to do the Chingalinga, ask yourself this:

When you two are intimate, are you giving her boatloads of positive feedback?

Are you giving her aural appreciation – as in moaning and telling her how good she makes you feel?

Are you kissing her and hugging her and thanking her for the loving she is giving you?

Do you express your gratitude and pleasure the next day and the day after?

Surrounding her with 360 degree positive recognition for the joy she brings you will go a long way toward getting her excited to be with you again, soon.

Do this.

Think of 3 things you really love about making love with her.

1. Be VERY specific, with as much detail as possible, focusing on what is real for you, what is physical, what is corporeal,
how your body and her body feel.


Note: Dr. Patti calls this, “Sharing Frames.” It’s HOT. <=== Important!

2. What is one special moment from the last time you made love that you are savoring?


3. Come up with one example of how your body felt when you two were entwined.


BONUS Appreciation

4. Think of your very favorite attribute of her body – what is your favorite spot today?


Now you have plenty of ideas to share with her about what it is that you loved best last time you were intimate.

We women find this absolutely intoxicating, utterly romantic.

We are gluttons for feedback, for verbalization, for appreciation.

And once you start giving it to her, she’ll start giving it back to you. Maybe even feeling sexy enough to start initiating!

Give It To Her.

Now take these things you wrote down above and use them in different ways so she really sees, hears and feels your appreciation.

She may discount or not believe what you say. For us women, it’s HARD to hear compliments.

You must persevere.

Try texting her.

Whisper these delicious sentiments in her ear as you hold her in full embrace.

Leave her a voice mail.

Write her a love note and tuck it in her purse or under her pillow.

Touch your favorite part of her body as you show her why you love it.

This idea of “Sharing Frames,” is SO POWERFUL it’s one of the core components of the 21 erotic play dates found within Expand Her O Tonight by Dr. Patti.

With love,
Tallulah Sulis

4 Responses

  1. Dan should wake up.
    If his woman is good at oral sex, tell her. If she picks up after you, thank her.

    Just because she did either with a former lover is none of your business.
    I never ask, “Did you suck him?”
    That she practiced cleaning up or sucking is her business. Not Dan’s. I am never jealous. I have high self esteem and self confidence. She sucks me because she wants to suck me. I appreciate it every time. And I love it and tell her.

  2. I am sure women like men enjoy compliments. There have been a few women in my life who were realy good sexually. One of the problems with women is that they are good at doing something well because they spend lots of time and energy doing one thing like sucking everyone, but in life there are things like multiple techniques. cleaning the house paying bills, cooking. You cannot be good at one thing and exclude the rest of your life. Why am I going to tell a woman she is so good when she is maybe average and the rest of her life is in shambles?
    Maybe she is only trying to get over or engaged after which the challenge is gone.

    1. Your mindset is a great way to wither up a woman!
      If you do not respect a woman, you have no business being with her.

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