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What Are "Chakras" And What Do They Have To Do With Having Great Sex?

Chakras and their relation to sex
Lion Goodman is the expert featured in Month #10 of Revive Her Drive where we discuss his “BeliefCloset” process (get the Jump Start Kit free here) in a module called, “Transform Your Beliefs to Transform Your Life.” He describes how beliefs operate in the psyche to create your reality – and how to permanently banish limiting beliefs from your life.


How Chakras Can Make Your Sex Life Hotter

If you believe you’re not desirable, or that your partner doesn’t match your sexual appetite, or any other belief that is holding you back from getting the intimacy, touch and affection you deserve, grab Lion’s free eBook and check it out.  Then read below to see how his new book, “Creating On Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras,” taps into the seven areas of your energy to bring your dreams to reality:

Lion says, “The chakras are seven energy centers in the body. They’re associated with particular nerve plexus or glands in the body. In this book, we use the chakras as a model for how you can move things from an idea in your head down through the seven energy centers in your body to turn your idea into reality. Whether you want a new career, a new partner or a better sex life – you can apply this model to everything.

“Creating On Purpose” is a very practical manual, a guidebook for turning any idea into reality. The beliefs are one of the steps. Working with your beliefs and understanding what you’re creating with your own mind is one of the important steps of moving an idea down step-by-step to reality. If you have a business project you want to create, if you have a relationship you want to create, if you have a dream you want to create or something you want to do in the world, you can use this guidebook to take yourself from the broad idea all the way down to the action steps you need in the world.”

The chakra model a combination of both a spiritual approach and a very practical approach that businesses and people use to move ideas into a step-by-step plan.  The chakra model does not compete in any way with your religious beliefs – it actually supports the notion that we are more than corporeal – that we have spirit within us or a connection to source. So if you are devoutly religious, you can still feel comfortable overlaying the chakra model on your life because it’s based on energy and nerves and glands in your body.

Instead of letting life happen to you, you can be proactive in bringing your ideas to fruition, or “manifesting” your thoughts into action and results.

Because not taking action on your thoughts is what stands in the way of you getting what you want, using this chakra model actually helps you think through all of the aspects of an idea so you can make it more real, so you can bring it to life. That is what Lion called, “Creating On Purpose.”

I asked Lion to connect the dots for you on what the energy centers have to do with accomplishing a vision that you have, getting something done. What is the connection between your energy and accomplishment? How can you use this model to create what you want purposefully, with intention, and feel confident you are using all you have to make it happen? Because really, if you want something, you have to GO FOR IT, right? You can’t just complain you want it, you have to go out and make your life, including your sex life, HAPPEN.  Here’s what Lion explained:

Leveraging Your Natural Energy Centers

Lion Goodman: “In the spiritual tradition, the idea of the chakras came out of the Tantric period of Hinduism, which was a couple thousand years ago, and people talked about these energy centers, and they said that when you meditate you move from your base chakra, which is down in your pelvis, up to the second chakra, which is your testicles or your ovaries, your sexual center. Then you move up to your solar plexus. It’s sort of down below the ribcage. And then up to your heart, and then to your throat and then your third eye center, which is your brow chakra, what’s called the third eye between the two eyes, just slight above. That’s the pineal gland. Then up to the crown chakra, which is the top of the head.

It’s said that this energy moves from the ground up, and as you open the chakras, this energy moves up.
They also talked about the downward movement of energy from the top down starting with consciousness itself.  You have an idea, and so that’s the seventh chakra, you have an idea or a concept of what you want to do. Then you need to visualize it. Let’s imagine you say, “I want to build a house.” That’s a dream, “I want to build my dream house.” You start with the idea, “I want to build a dream house,” but then you have to visualize it. That’s the vision center at the sixth chakra. You say how many stories do you want it to be, how big do you want it to be, how many rooms? You have to start making it more specific. You have to condense your idea, “I want a dream house” into real practical terms.

Then after you visualize it you have to communicate with other people about it because we can’t do anything alone. You can make it your dream house all by yourself in your head, but if you want to make it practical, you have to go talk to an architect, and the architect will further specify it and say, “What property do you want it on?” Oh I don’t know, just some property somewhere.” “Well we need to know the property in order to create the design.” Okay, so you go find the property. You need to communicate with a real estate agent what you want and you need to engage in social interaction with other people so you can buy the property – your banker and your mortgage company.

Now you’re in the communication center, which is the throat, and you’re bringing it into more and more specificity and your architect says, “Okay, well how many rooms do you want?” “Oh, you know, just some rooms.” “No, you’ve got to be specific. How many bedrooms do you want this to be?” “Okay, five.” Now you’ve made things more specific. “Okay, good so we’ll build a five bedroom house. Now how many stories do you want?” “Oh just some number.” No, no, it’s got to be a specific number. As we’re bringing it down to specificity, we’re making it more and more real.

Then you move down into the heart center, which is your relationship chakra, and so you get into these relationships. You develop relationships, not just talking, but you actually develop the relationship with your architect and your banker and the contractor. There’s a whole field of relationships, so you need to know who the relationships are, how important they are, how are you interacting with people. If you’re going around being an asshole, you’re not going to get your house built very quickly. Working on relationships is at the level of the fourth chakra. These are metaphors for these different parts of life.

Then you have to start moving things down to the third chakra, which is your power chakra. You have to start actually moving the world. You have to remove the trees and the rocks from the land in order to build the house. That’s power. You have to use your power to make things happen in the world. Then things get in the way. The county won’t let you have your building, they won’t approve your building plan.
Now you have to go down into the second chakra, which is passion. That’s our sexuality center. But it’s also our passion center. It’s what allows you to move through the barriers and not just give up. “Oh, they’re not going to give me my permit? The heck with them. I’m going away.”  No, you have to use your passion to say, “No, this is really important to me. I’m going to keep going, keep moving through the difficulties, move through the barriers, remove the blocks.”

Then finally, then you also have to move the physical objects – the wood and the glass and the metal – and bring them together in a very specific way. The blueprint says, “Put this here, put that there.” It’s very specific. It’s not just say, “Oh, just put a couple of windows somewhere on the south wall.” It specifies everything. You use your plan to create your step-by-step actions, and then finally you get to have your house.

You get to have the physicalized vision that you had so long ago, your ideal house is now in physical form, and that’s the first chakra, it’s the base chakra. It’s what connects us to the ground and the step by step-by-step actions that you have to complete each one in order to have what you wanted.

Creating On Purpose

That’s the model that we use and the book walks you through that process no matter what your dream is. You can have any dream by working it through that process.”

Creating On Purpose: The Spiritual Technology of Manifesting Through the Chakras

The lesson in all this? If you don’t have what you want, think about what you want with specificity and then use all seven areas of your capability to bring that desire to fruition:

  1. Get the Idea or Concept
  2. Visualize It
  3. Communicate It
  4. Leverage Help From Your Relationships
  5. Use Your Power and Movement
  6. Bring Your Passion
  7. Physically Create Your Vision

Susan Bratton

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  1. I know something about chakras.It is like station or stopage of the route.Yogis follows this path & chakras during meditation.But I am not fully clear how much it is effective having great sex.

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