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How She Screws Her Husband… (without wanting to)

I’ve noticed a funny irony working with men who want more sex than they’re getting from their wives…

Even when I explain the four most common reasons a sex life falls apart, guys write to me unsure if their particular situation can be “saved” because its too unusual or different…

And it ends up still being one of the four most common reasons –  they just can’t see the forest for the trees in their own relationship.

I’ll walk you through the four reasons, so you can compare your plight to the literally millions of other men who can turn your relationship back around…

Who can turn their wives back on… and get back to the kind of sweet hot sex like when you were first dating.

It’s not only possible, I’ve helped thousands of men recreate  the passion in her that made them want to marry her in the first place.

First, let me tell you how this happened to you and how bad it gets for other guys.

It can and will get worse from here:

Quiz yourself right here. 

See how many of these scenarios are playing out behind closed doors at your place:
(Just say yes or no silently to yourself as I read you the list.)

  • Is all you see every night the wall of her back in bed?
  • Are there icicles frozen like jail bars across her love cave?
  • Has she stopped touching you at all? Is she devoid of affection?
  • Does she spends more time with TV than you?
  • Does she stay up late to avoid going to bed until you’re asleep?
  • Has she started to find fault with everything you do?
  • Is she aging prematurely, suffering from weight gain, persistent low grade illnesses or pain, menopause or other health issues keep her from wanting sex with you?
  • Has some shame or fear about sex that didn’t seem like a huge problem when you were first married, but seems to have amplified and has driven a wedge between you?
  • Does she put all her attention on the kids, her work or, most damning of all, her DOG? (When she treats her dog better than you, it’s pretty sickening.)

Now, lets get a few things straight.

I was, sad to say, that kind of wife. We don’t mean to shut your sex life down. There are very good reasons this happens, which I explain to you in full detail.

The good news is, you can bring your wife back into your arms, into your bed with joy and ease.

I’ve bounced back from the abyss of intimacy and have an erotic sex life with my husband of 21 years and I am in my 50s and my sex life keeps getting consistently better.

And you lady can have this same exact turn around.

Listen, this is important.

It’s not your woman’s fault this happened and Ill tell you why this physical disconnect occurred and why it’s actually natural and completely common.

The good news is…

It’s not your fault either. Hardly anybody in the world has studied this common situation where a married couple’s sex life crawls to a standstill. But I made it my life’s work and in the next 10 minutes I will tell you how you can turn your wife back on again sexually and lead her into more passion and more new kinds of sexual experiences with you than you can even imagine now.

Don’t believe me, believe Brian, Ken, Roger and the thousands of other men who were smart enough to believe it might be possible to rekindle their sex life and were willing to try.

These men were gutted, depressed, angry, upset and felt guilty for their desire.

Many of them tried begging or demanding sex.

They tried to please their wives by doing extra chores in the hopes they’d be rewarded with a little nookie.

They walked on eggshells, praying she’d toss them a bone every week, then every month…

Until sex was almost non-existent and they wondered if the should get divorced, have an affair or simply resign themselves to cohabitating as “friends.”

When a red-blooded man is not getting sexual release from a woman who loves to be intimate with him, who gets turned on by him, who actually wants him and shows

When a man’s wife rejects him for initiating sex, he is the saddest, most gutted man in the world. There’s no rejection more damning, no rejection more personally insulting, no rejection more shaming than a wife who won’t gladly and lovingly screw her own husband.

I mean come on!

That was the deal, right?

To have and to HOLD.

10 Responses

  1. What about from a woman’s point of view….I have been married 30+ years…I am on the receiving end of what you all are talking about. I take care of myself and have stayed a size 8. I tried to introduce new things in bed and he’s not interested. I text him sexy messages and he answers with sounds good; but then when we get home its no I’m tired. What am I doing wrong? I have tried sexy sleep wear, tried going to bed naked hell I even considered a threesome. Being 50 doesn’t mean your dead! He gets spoiled with full body massages and then goes to sleep and is too tired for sex. I have tried different times of the day and night and its a no go. From a man’s point of view where do I go now? That’s why I got on this website to try and find some answers. Tired of the word no.

  2. A lot of the circumstances reported in the above comments apply to my relationship (or lack of one) with my wife of 6 years. There is no romance, no joy, no zest for living a sexually fulfilling life. The irony is that the less she participates on any level sexually or otherwise them more I want to have the kind of marriage and relationship that Susan describes that she has. I know it’s possible. Something to be said for listening to and following the suggestions of someone who had already been there and done that.

  3. I answered all of those questions with a YES!!! We had great sex AND love making BEFORE we got married 15 years ago, but one bite of that dreaded wedding cake, and she shut down sexually. When we were dating, I thought that I had died and gone to heaven, what with making love with the woman that I loved, everywhere. We tried different positions, toys, places, both inside and outside (nothing like making love outside on a mountain top, with the cool mountain air blowing gently across your back, under a full moon), but now NOTHING. We stopped making love within a week after we got married, and stopped having “pity sex” about three years ago. Whenever I try and talk to her about it, she gets pizzed off, and she won’t talk with any one about it and she doesn’t want me talking to anyone either. I won’t have an affair, because I respect her and our wedding vows too much. I tried the ‘Revive Her Drive’ material, but nothing. I guess I’ll just have to become a monk in my own home.
    Any ideas?


  4. First I share my email with my wife!
    Premature aging and sick more hit home.
    She’s sick today.
    She vowed no sex with me until I walk straight no limping after surgery. I’m going back for a second surgery since I’m not straight.I probaly will never pass her standards. No sex with a cripple just makes me depressed.
    You didn’t say what do does that come later?

  5. Been married 1 year and sex has dried up, I always have to iniatiate it, I won’t my wife to cum jump on me with out being told and fuck me not me always doing the work! Any ideas

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