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Month 12 – Reconnecting To Your Orgastic Potency

Chromatic Delight: Exploring Color Box

Discover the concepts of  Wilhelm Reich through my dialog with Michele Newmark, a therapist who uses Reichian therapy to heal deep emotional wounds.

Wilhelm Reich was a colleague of Freud’s and posited that the root cause of disease was related to a sexual stasis and oxygen hunger condition of the body. When he worked on people’s musculature where they were holding back emotion and had them breathe, he found that as the tension was liberated and people were able to reestablish their ability to express their pain and express their anger, ultimately what they were able to access again was their pleasure and ultimately their orgastic potency.

Reich would say that the quality of your health is based on the quality of your orgasm.

If you’re holding so tightly and you’re so stuck that you can’t orgasm and feel your pleasure freely, then every cell in your body is just as contracted and holding and your organs aren’t functioning as they should. And the quality of your orgasm is directly related to the quality of your ability to express yourself, your ability to cry, your ability to sob, like we did when we were babies before we learned it wasn’t okay. And if you consider that most people don’t cry, most people certainly don’t sob like babies, most people don’t ever come near expressing their rage, we have shut ourselves down. We are conditioned not to feel.

Find out how you can loosen your tension, throw off your emotional body armor and access your ability to express yourself freely.

You will have more joy and less tension and sex gets really good. Sex is a function of letting go. Ultimately your orgasm is a spastic, convulsive experience that releases tension and brings peace.

If you or your partner are shut down and armored up, listen to this fascinating dialog with Michele and I about finding your pleasure.

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Newmark-MicheleMichele T. Newmark, M.S., D.D., ACS

Born and raised in southern California, Michele attended Chiropractic College in 1973 and earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology in 1977, under Dr. Phillip Curcuruto D.C. who brought Reichian Therapy to the West Coast over 60 years ago. She received her Master’s degree in biology with clinical emphasis in nutritional biochemistry in 1987, the same year she relocated to Northern California with her two young, home-born children.

Michele is a masterful Reichian Therapist and teacher in ways of giving and receiving pleasure. She has been involved in the academic and personal study of human sexuality since 1969. The basis of her work is grounded in Reichian Therapy and the works of Dr. Wilhelm Reich. She received one of her degrees and over 35 years of personal training under the tutelage of Dr. Deborah Curcuruto, Ph.D., and Dr. Philip Curcuruto, D.C. Stemming from a chiropractic orientation, Michele utilizes Dr. Philip Curcuruto’s “Cranial-Vegetotherapy”, one of the most original contributions to the modalities of Reichian Therapy. The cranial technique, which removes stress in the cranial sutures, reestablishing normal pulsatory movement of cerebrospinal fluid and in turn normal muscular reaction in the body, contributes to the broader prospective of Reichian Therapy. She also holds classes on “Tantra, Yoga and Breath, an Exploration of Sexual Energy” and “The Tantric Art of Self-Pleasuring for Women.”Michele currently has a private practice in Santa Rosa and in San Francisco at The Center for Healing and Expression. 415-775-6145. info(at) Michele is board certified by The American College of Sexologists.


2 Responses

  1. I would really like to explore more what you are teaching. I have gotten lately really bad migraine like headaches if and I mean if i have a regular orgasm . I am a woman. I had started having them about a year ago. They stopped abruptly. But then again without a Partner, lately I can’t get off unless I have a fantasy about having anal sex then and only then do I have an orgasm which then brings on an awful headache which in turn loses any happiness after having the orgasm. I want to learn more of your ideas of what is holding me back from healing.
    Lately I have been experiencing pain in my left eye and mini strokes. I feel like I’m 44 years old but am in reality 62 (09/28/54). thanks for any health help, sexual help appreciated. i have a 44year old sex partner. and a 20 year something friend who both help me get over my inhibitions, I had been celibate for over 20 years and now am having fun but I wish to proceed in good health. Susan Bratton led me to this site. She has really helped me get over my inhibitions and become less naive and more open to enjoying sex. I had been raped multiple times in years as a child. hanks for taking the time to help me.
    Sincerely and truly hoping for some help,
    Connie Beth

    1. Hi Connie,
      Please read my comment on this article to another woman who had similar headaches.
      And please watch this Sexual Healing video.
      You’ve been through a lot of trauma and you may need to work with a “somatic sexologist” to help you free yourself from the past abuse. I recommend you call Ariel Giaretto She can explain how Somatic Experience Trauma Release works and refer someone in your area to you.
      You’re doing a great job proactively taking back your sexuality. Keep going, sweetie. It’s a process.
      Love and Healing,

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