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“Openers” to Confidently Approach Women

“Openers” to Confidently Approach Women

Does your heart leap into your throat when you see a pretty woman that you’d like to talk to…

But you just can’t muster up the courage.

So you walk away kicking yourself and feeling crappier about yourself than before…

I have a solution for you to easily perfect your openers so you know them stone cold when you see your next stone fox.

Let’s start by establishing right now what it is that stops you from acting:




That’s the only thing that stops you from doing the things you know you should be doing.

And it’s because of two particular dysfunctional thought patterns in your thinking that will mess you up:

1) Imagining horrible consequences that DO NOT EXIST

2) Not planning and preparing yourself so that you can feel confident in that situation and act anyway

Once you understand what is really holding you back you will be able to go up to any woman and flirt with her, check her out to see if she’s datable and finally feel like you are the kind of confident man that women want.

I want you to be knee deep in gorgeous women.

There is nothing physically different about a man that walks up to a woman and talks to her than the one that doesn’t, other than this…

Find out how to get your courage up and get motivated to DO IT by clicking the link below.


  1. Confidence, Courage, Motivation, Playfulness etc. are all states of mind. If you don’t maintain these and other powerful traits daily you have not prepared properly. We need to cultivate these states of mind, and others, whenever possible. Only then are we prepared when the opportunity arises. Keep the switches turned on!

    • Yahoo!, Joe. Couldn’t agree with you more. This is what makes life worth living.

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