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22 Responses

  1. Susan Bratton,

    Save your “famous last words”… I don’t want to hear them just yet. You know your stuff alright.. I trust you. So simple the ways of the romantic touch I have forgotten. Thanks for not having me have to figure it out alone.. I look forward to the next touch.

    Every time I see those icy cold blue eyes of yours, I see a passionate patch of giddy mischievousness that warmly breezes through the back of my fingers as I reach out to lightly stroke those affectionate cheeks of yours.

  2. Susan,
    Thanks for all of your great advice. My wife and I are in our sixties and I have been working on reviving her drive. My wife has been tackle defensive for years and for about 15 years I was lucky to have her have sex with me two to four times a month and maybe once a year she would give me oral sex. However, slowly working with her the last nine months we are to the point where she is sleeping in the nude like she did when we were first married, will cuddle for 30-40 minutes each morning as we both slowly wake up and we are having sex three or four times per week with her providing oral sex at least once per week. She still doesn’t have major orgasms every time we have sex but they usually move her world on the weekends. She is still working 40 hours per week and her work has a lot of paperwork at night so she is usually very tired and stressed out mid week. She is allergic to most scents and during the winter will not go out to get in the hot tub to relax. Foreplay is usually an hour or more to get her to relax but once she relaxes things are so enjoyable. I still have not been able to get her to ejaculate using my fingers but sometimes it feels that she may be ejaculating when I have penetrated her. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Robert,
      I am so impressed with your progress. I’d suggest slowing down and enjoying the progress you’ve made instead of focusing on the next technique.

  3. My Wife is so sensitive that she can not be touched especially orally, she will squirm and push me away most of the time . Have you ever heard of such a condition and what can I do about it?


  4. A good buy.
    Its a bit like having an old text book–you know whats in there, but just need a few reminders.Sometimes the basics make a good grounding for more adventurous play.
    A good one to fall back on,–onwards and upwards!!

  5. Dear Susan,
    I purchased Passion Patch yesterday and wish I had done it previously, before my break-up. After 5 months of not seeing her (and both of us moving on and dating others) my ex-girlfriend and I are going to have lunch together this weekend! I’m pleased by this because the time apart and new women have only convinced me she is the ONE and made it clear what the mistakes were that we both made.

    I’m wondering if the Passion Patch touch techniques can work on this new “first date,” to help rekindle her long-dormant desire for me, or if its smarter to avoid any touch and simply wait till we are a bit further along in what I hope may be a reconciliation.

    Thanks in advance for your advice!

  6. Dear Susan, thank you for all the wonderful information PLM and you personally have given me.
    I bought the Passion Patch e-book but I am not able to access it. It does not show in the course page and if I try a search, it tells me to log in when I am already logged in. Help please

  7. Well done Susan!

    Inspired coaching with logic telling us men how but equally NB, why! For those wanting to be a better partner/lover and friend to their SO, this is pure magic. Yes, we may all have done it, or parts of it, at some time. But to have it put so eloquently and logically is just lovely. I shall be exploring more of your material.

    So I’m sorry Pierre, but you’re shooting from cover. Susan was just too polite to say so. ‘Reasonable enough’ is an unsuccessful attempt to denigrate the beauty of this material. It’s like calling an exquisite orchid ‘reasonable’. And it does rather beg the question that if you knew it all so many years ago, and your partner is fully satisfied, why are you still looking for inspiration at material like this?

    Ben, Devon, UK.

  8. Reasonable enough and probably aimed at people who really don’t have a clue, but I didn’t find anything I didn’t know already and had found out already many many years ago! I thought that I was going to learn something really new and “hidden”, but not so. A bit disappointing for me, but others may learn from it, although that makes me wonder what they have been doing in a relationship until now….

    1. I appreciate your comment and just want to ask, do you DO these things or do you just KNOW these things? Would you wife tell me that you are doing this touch technique to her every day?

    1. Hi Bigfan,

      This is a premium eBook. When you purchase it then you’ll have access to it after you login.

      1. How do I get the patches touch ebook?
        I just bought it today by credit card.
        I know I will enjoy it. It seems to be a topic I have not had any research in during my dating days, not yet until your came along. Thanks

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