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Arouse Her FASTER

Did you see my recap about men’s consumption of porn?

In “The First Sex,” by Dr. Helen Fisher she writes that every man has unique sexual preferences that come from chance mental associations you make between certain experiences and sexual feelings.

Really turned on by Bavarian Bar Maids in skimpy dirndls? Perhaps that first St. Pauli Girl beer you drank when you had a boner created that sexual association for you?

“For some men, a particular incident or object in childhood becomes linked with sex and you must replay this scenario to trigger lust.” — Dr. Helen Fisher

Men’s Sexual Worlds <=== 8 paragraph excerpt from the book

What Turn’s Women On? <=== 5 paragraph excerpt from the book

She goes on to say that men more frequently fantasize about sex with different and anonymous partners more regularly than women do, most likely because it is “biologically adaptive for men to inseminate as many females as they can.”

Helen’s theories further underscore the findings in “A Billion Wicked Thoughts” about how men view porn by explaining that men are turned on visually than women and that when you fantasize you visualize more images of coitus (lovemaking) and body parts, which she calls, “the explicit details of sex itself.”

Men love breasts, butts, hips, feet and feminine faces and are happy to see individual body parts as much as pictures of the whole female form. These jiggly parts you love to touch are made of gynoid fat – womanly fat that signals fertility…

Helen explains that “the male urge to look has a Darwinian payoff.”

“By peering at a woman, a man can judge her health and vigor. As levels of testosterone rise, he is also stimulated to woo those who look young, healthy — and fertile.”

Dr. Fisher’s qualitative theories in “The First Sex,” also dovetail the quantitative findings in the “A Billion Wicked Thoughts”
when it comes to what turns women on.

She says women are more aroused by romantic words, images and themes in films and stories than they are by the visual erotica
that men prefer.

When you go right for her breasts or genitals without awakening her whole sensual grid, you are turning her off instead of arousing her the way she wants to be turned on… which is S.L.O.W.L.Y. and from the outside, or her extremities, in to her erogenous zones.

This is the same “Zone Theory,” that Sheri Winston explains within Revive Her Drive on the module called, “Secret Maps To Buried Pleasure.”

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4 Responses

  1. Well I been with this chick for about 8 years,and we come a long way together. We have explored each other in many ways that we can imagine. But sometimes it challenging. I dont know way I get nervous every time we are together. But I have notice that it is even hard for her to open up. I dont know what to say to her,I just dont want to say anything wrong that she will flip out on me.

  2. Ill have been with my wife for 15 years this fall and it seems nothing I do say try. It has always been my hope that I could get her to open up to me but from the beginning to actually talk about sex and the ways and things id like or asking what she likes has been like taboo to her. She’s not some innocent knows nothing woman. We have two kids and we have had sweaty long weekends but to this day she still tells me she has never masturbated never had fantasies or imagined any kind of erotic dreams. I do believe when she says about using toys or gadgets that its gross and if you can’t do it with the real parts why do it. But im at a lose its all but dryer up to the point of wanting and needing a warm body a real person that wants to share themselves with me the same as I want to give. Is it all the emotional baggage and the self image that causes a woman to not want her man not want love not want to feel. This has really been going on for years but like I’ve read in your post we men me included have actually told myself this is tobe expected you hear about it as being normal after years together not if its going to happen just when. But I would kid myself saying well woman get more horny and wanting it in there late thirty early 40 so ill make up for lost time then but its getting worse not better.I think she is going through some midlife crisis but at some point you have to say enough is enough. I love her with every ounce of my soul and I feel she is the sexiest most beautiful woman in the world. But when you sleep next to a woman you feel that way about you look at her and just can’t control yourself you want to have an out of body experience with her and your first and most important concern is to make her feel good and her to know it is important that she feel my love but not be able to do anything about it. If and when she is willing to do anything its got tobe as quick as possible to the point of its like with no feeling no passion. Not even expecting or wanting to feel anything but when its over. IS THAT THE TIME YOU NEED TO MOVE ON THIS IS AND HAS BEEN FOR TWO YEARS. CAN EMOTIONAL DAMAGE BE ALL IT IS OR IS THERE A MORE SERIOUS NONE FIXABLE PROBLEM LIKE SHE JUST DOESN’T LOVE ME ANYMORE?????

    1. First, your wife is not broken. You can re-ignite her desire for you.

      Second, it’s important to understand that your woman is responding to you. This is both good and bad news.

      The good news is that if you change the way you operate with her, she will almost certainly warm up in all the ways you want–a little at a time.

      The bad news is that in order to get this reaction, you’ll need to learn the ways to operate that turn her on.

      I would recommend that you study the parts of Susan’s program that deal with polarity. From what you are saying, these are the parts that will help you the most to make the kinds of mental shifts that will produce the results you want.



    2. I am a female…
      I truly feel bad for all the men who have woman and issues of this kind. I am between 30-35yrs old and I have as long as I can remember enjoyed having sex so whoever I have dated or married I am very open, upfront and forth-coming with how they can please me sexually, but I am also very receptive as to hear what they enjoy, what they want to try and how I can please them as well as being very open to trying it out with them. See, I not only love to be pleased but it gets me off to know that I get him off. However, he must be willing to do the same in return. As they say a man who puts it to his woman correctly in the bedroom can get her to do whatever he wants. I can testify that is a very true saying…
      However, my husband is diabetic and has had the whole ED And Peyronies Disease and whatever else you can think of that comes with having diabetes, so the problem I really have with him is a very low labido or sexual desire. I tell him I don’t care what type of erection he gets even if it’s semi hard as long as we can somehow make it hard enough to have sex then I am very willing to work with him. He has been diabetic since he was 18 years old so he has always not wanted or needed as much sex as I want however the older he is getting the worse he is getting. He knows the problem and will admit to it but we neither know how to increase his desire to have more sex with me.

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