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Feminine Surrender

“American women are twice as likely as men to fantasize about passive sex — being “done to” as opposed to “doing.”  They see themselves as the objects of a partner’s sexual desire, unlike men, who tend to see others as recipients of their sexual attentions. This gender difference also exists in Japan and the UK.”
— Dr. Helen Fisher, “The First Sex.”

Feminine surrender is tied to our primitive, reptilian brain function and invites copulation.

Women secretly play out this primal fantasy to spark their lust.

If you are not dominating her in the bedroom, even if you are equals in the rest of your relationship, it’s time to hone those skills and give your lady what she really wants…

She wants you to sexually lead her, make her feel feminine, let her surrender to you “doing her.”

The best programs for learning how to dominate her the way she wants you to is:

Revive Her Drive <=== Masterful Lover MANifesto, Alpha Masculinity, Dance of Polarity, Erotic Adventures, Secret Arousal Maps

This is the ultimate sexy way to give her what she primally, deeply desires.

2 Responses

  1. Women love to be dominated in the bedroom. As David Shade says, sexually submissiveness is what DEFINES femininity. It’s tragic that we men are raised with so much Bogus Social Programming which tells us that men and women are equal in all ways and that we shouldn’t be domineering or bossy or commanding — with the implication that we also shouldn’t be that way in the bedroom.

    What crap.

    I’ll never forget reading a comment from a young wife in her post at “”. She said of her marine husband, “I don’t know how to tell him that I want to be taken and raped.” Now obviously, she didn’t really mean “raped”; what she meant was that she wanted him to “take” her very, very aggressively.

    Most men would be EXTREMELY surprised to find out how many women fantasize about and truly want to be “taken” very aggressively. (Not to mention how strongly women respond to dirty talk.) And that surprise is indicative of how overwhelmed and subsumed boys are in this society by Bogus Social Programming — which delivers them to manhood with their tail between their legs.

    Remember Mae West’s comment: If men knew what women think they’d be TEN TIMES AS BOLD. There are many facets to that statement and this topic is just one of them.

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