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How to Have Full Body, Male Multiple Orgasms

How to Have Full Body, Male Multiple Orgasms

Susan and Jim Discuss Male Multiple Full Body Orgasms


The Path To Male Multiple Orgasm <=== VIDEO WORKSHOP FREE

Most men actually experience relatively little pleasure during sex.

They have one orgasm, it lasts for a few seconds, they feel it mostly in their genitals… then it’s gone. What if you could have mind blowing full body, head to toe orgasms instead?

Imagine having an orgasm that rushes through your whole body, from your head to the tips of your toes.

What would it be like to feel pleasure enveloping every inch of your body, instead of just your cock? What would it be like to have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm, back to back, instead of just one?

Most men actually experience very little pleasure during sex. They have one orgasm, it lasts for a few seconds, they feel it mostly in their genitals … then it’s gone.

What if you could have mind-blowing full body, head-to-toe orgasms instead?

That’s what Jim and I cover in this week’s Ejaculatory Freedom audio.

Here’s just some of what we talk about in this audio:

  • Ancient tantric secrets to separating orgasm from ejaculation, so you can orgasm without ejaculating!
  • The “main ingredient” to full body orgasms. One simple tweak can help expand the pleasure you feel to your whole body!
  • One hidden muscle in your body you must exercise if you want to last longer and enjoy more powerful orgasms.
  • How to CHOOSE the moment you come – so you can time your orgasm to hers!

Listen Now:

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  1. You said at the very beginning of this audio that it is part 4 out of 4…

    Where are the other 3? I would appreciate if you would link to them here.

    Thank you.

  2. Totally agree with vrrivaro.

    • The links to every single part of this free program are just above where you commented that you don’t know where they are!
      Look again. All the links are there.

      • Love this technique. Have been using it for years. Love when knowledgeable people like yourself share it with the world and offer new perspectives. Thanks.

        • would love to see a class about this on the site, would definitely buy as I’m sure many others would.

          • Hi Tom,
            Multi-Orgasmic Lover, by Jim Benson and Garrison Cohen IS the online class about Male Full-Body Multiple Orgasm. Your wish is granted! Hundreds of our guys have taken this course. I personally promote it because it’s excellent.

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