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How To Turn A Woman On

This is an excerpt from “The First Sex: The Natural Talents Of Women And How They Are Changing The World,” by Helen Fisher.

Women, too, are excited by visual erotica, although women are not as turned on by it as men are.

Women are much more aroused than men by romantic words, images, and themes in films and stories. Women’s sexual fantasies include more affection and commitment. Women often dwell on their own emotional reactions. And they are more than twice as likely to think about a sex partner’s emotional characteristics. Women fantasize about familiar partners more regularly than men do. Women also envision more caressing, particularly of non-genital areas of the body.

These feminine tastes are to be expected. Women are interested in words; they verbalize their emotions more readily than men. Women have a more probing curiosity about people, including others’ moods and emotional makeup. And women are more sensitive to being touched all over their bodies.

This feminine appetite for talking, touching, and romantic affectionate sex with familiar partners most likely has an evolutionary purpose.

A woman risks pregnancy and motherhood when she makes love. As she talks with and touches her suitor prior to coitus, she can evaluate his temperament and his intentions. If he expresses affection, then perhaps he may be willing to become a committed provider, too.

“Too much of a good thing is wonderful,” Mae West once said. Publishers know these feminine preferences–and play on them. Romance novels sell in over fifty countries, to women. Even American purveyors of porn videos have begun to cater these feminine tastes. Visual pornography has traditionally featured casual, anonymous encounters that appeal to men. To attract female customers, some producers now add some conversation and a veneer of romantic plot.

3 Responses

  1. You are so right about the use of words. I am 58 years young, grossly obese (5″10″ tall & 360 lbs.) and have several beautiful girlfriends from 28 – 60 years of age. Other men look at me and the women I am with, with the look of, “what the__?” All my women love for me to talk “dirty” (sexual/sensual)to them. It’s also my way of screening women. If I can talk them into an orgasm, I can bring them to orgasm during intercourse as well. I have brought each one to orgasm by talking (usually over the phone), before we go out and/or before having intercourse. Also, talking “dirty” during foreplay makes them extremely excited, engorged, wet, and horny to the point of begging me to enter them. Hey, if this stubborn fat old man can learn this, anyone can learn to do this AND in my opinion, every man can or should. It’s AWESOME!!! (I wish I had learned this as a twenty something year old cause it would have made life much more interesting)
    Thank you for all that you do. I appreciate you!

  2. I Thank the God and unerverse for women
    I believe this is my facts
    this is not a mans world but a womans world too
    some of the planets are created by women too
    The spirit female above know what me men want
    and created the physical female for us men to enjoy
    plus there a lot of men changing their sex as women
    too so women has power and always the winner

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