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Revolutionary Sex with Alex Allman

In this interview with Alex Allman creator of Revolutionary Sex and Passionate Lover Passionate Life we talk about how to lead your woman into her sexual potential.

Alex and I discussed how your sex life is a reflection of your whole life. He says, “The way you make love to your woman, is the way you make love to your life.” What he means by that, is that you can bring a passion to not only your sex life but your whole life when you know some of his masculine empowering skills. There is a spiritual fulfillment that comes from having a deeply connected passionate relationship with a woman that you love. Alex explains how you can begin to trust your sexual desire, and that that desire is wired into you.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

And that you can lead your woman to a deeper surrender beyond her orgasmic pleasure, once you are able to trust your own sexual desire.  Alex’s mission is to experience the happiness well-being and sense of peace that comes when a relationship is working. He’s helped tens of thousands of men around the world create an experience in his woman’s mind heart and body by creating it in yourself first.

In this interview, Alex explains how to create an experience that shows your product desire for your woman and leverages things like mirror neurons, pheromones, and subtle energy systems. He says that, “emotions are intensely contagious.”

Learn how to be a sexual psychic by being present and tuning into her experience. Find out what you can do to have a juicy, connected, honest, intimate relationship.  And finally learn how to play big in the bedroom.

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