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“Worried I smell funny down there.” [Mailbag]

This question about cunnilingus came in from a woman on our list and I know from experience that this is a concern of both sexes.

“I am 37 years old, and had a boyfriend that made me feel like I smell funny “down there.” That was over 17 years ago. Since that time, I’ve been paranoid that I will stink when my husband goes down on me. I can’t ever really relax. I always wash beforehand, but I still worry. What can I do?”

Thank you so much for asking this very vulnerable question.

I want you to know that many women and men share this concern.

You are not alone. . .

I’d also like you to know my heart goes out to you for struggling with this unnecessary shame.

First of all, I’m sorry that for the last 17 years you’ve been worried about how your vulva smells.  Let’s get you feeling great about your pussy!

The first thing you must  know that for most men smell of a woman’s vaginal area is absolutely delightful.

A wide range of scents can emanate from a woman’s genital area. And a healthy Yoni has an infinite range of the most delicious smells. A woman’s pussy changes from minute to minute in every way including it’s scent.  The fragrance is one of the many awe-inspiring facets of not just a woman’s genitals, but her entire being from the nape of her neck to her flower blossom.

Let’s make sure that first of all everything is in working order so that we rule out any issues that could create a “funny” smell.

Of course you keep yourself clean, that goes without saying. The smells depend on a number of factors. One of the factors is where you are in your cycle.  Your hormones have a big impact on the smell of your genitals. In a single month you can go from smelling like absolutely nothing, to metallic, to musky to mown green hay.  Pussies are like wine. There are many varietals from the earthy, loamy cave of a pussy to the slim, peachy girl-woman fuzz.

And all of those smells can be wonderful to you and your lover.

Your body has an acid:alkaline ratio. If the pH in your vaginal canal is too acid, the secretions smell stronger and stronger. The foods you eat affect the acidic nature of your vagina. If you’re out of balance, the “good” yeasts and bacterias in your vagina are overrun with “bad” bacteria and/or yeast. Check your entire digestive system. Are you pooping easily and regularly? Are you eating enough greens? More on eating more leafy greens of all kinds…  If YOU smell an odor that’s “off,” there are a lot of things to check and regulate that can make your smell more mild.

If you have an odor in your vagina that you think is more than natural and could be caused from some imbalance, the most likely culprit is he an overgrowth of yeast or a bacterial infection.  You can go to your doctor and have your vaginal secretions cultured. They can check and see if there’s an overgrowth of yeast or bacterial infection.  If you feel a little off, one of the best things you can do is take an oral probiotic formula. This is just a little capsule, filled with “good yeast.”   The brand I recommend, is by Jarrow. It’s called Fem Dophilus.  When you take that you actually put healthful yeast strains back in your vagina. You give the little guys a booster shot!

Steering clear of sugar, bread, vinegar and other “foods” that yeasts live on will starve the bad yeasts in your vagina and potentially support the Jarrow formula.  A strong smell in your vagina could also be the result of poor nutrition in general. Are you eating a lot of leafy greens? Are you eating a lot of vegetables in general? Or are you eating a lot of fast highly processed foods that are simply not good for your entire system? Many times smells in the vagina are actually more systemic and come from bad eating habits.

Finally, strong foods like asparagus and garlic and onions may increase the scent of your vagina.  Cut them from your diet. Multiple vitamins can also affect the smell of not only vaginal secretions, but also a man’s semen. Eat well and take only the supplements in which you’re deficient. It’s been said that citrus like lemons oranges and grapefruit can soften the smell of a woman’s vaginal secretions. You have to experiment and see what works, but diet is definitely a contributing factor to our overall smell.

Watch this video called Asparagus Proof to discover whether female ejaculate is affected when you eat asparagus. It’s fascinating to see how some smells, like some multi-vitamins, can leach out of your skin and your pee. The smell comes out of two of your lymphatic drainage systems, why couldn’t it come out of your Yoni and tinge your breath?

Let’s move from body back to mind again.

There might be absolutely nothing wrong with you, in which case this is more of a mental thing.

How does your Yoni smell? Does it smell good to you?  Could it be that when you’re stressed out with worry about how you smell you’re actually creating the condition? People get “B.O.” (body odor) when they are under pressure. It’s reasonable that your pussy gets “stressed smelling” and putting your attention on how good it feels when your husband is licking your clitoris and sliding his tongue up your slit might allow you to relax and enjoy.

And how does your husband feel about your Yoni? Does he enjoy going down on you?  Would he enjoy it even more if you are comfortable with yourself? How can you let him know that you had this issue in the past and you’re sensitive to the way you smell and ask them to support you in feeling good about the way you smell?

It’s time to share this vulnerability with him.  Ask him if it smells good to him.  If he says it does, ask him what he likes about it. For most men they absolutely love the way a woman smells. Most guys like to bury their entire face inside you as far as they possibly can go. It’s a true and divine pleasure for a man to be that intimately close to a woman. Have him described exactly what he likes about it. That should make you feel better about the joy you’re bringing to him by allowing him to be that close to you.

He might also have trouble describing it verbally. Some guys are just “men of few words.” Tune in to him as he’s eating your pussy. Is he moaning? Can you allow him the pleasure of just burying his face in your womanhood and lapping and swirling to his heart’s content?  It’s a good practice. If he’s having fun, it’s obviously not his issue. If he is, refer to above.

I also recommend that you consider giving your husband oral sex. By getting close to him, and smelling his musky smell, it might make you realize that his natural body odor is actually a delight. I noticed that my man sometimes smells yeasty like baked bread, and other times more musky and animal like.  I find all of his smells a pleasure. Once you understand that you enjoy the way he smells, it’s easier for you to understand that enjoys your smell as well.

And finally, as you’re lying there allowing him to take his pleasure in your Yoni, each time that you begin to contract, release. Each time that you begin to feel worried, let yourself stop worrying. Begin the practice of surrendering to your animal nature. Each time you get worried, just tell yourself that you’re a beautiful natural, healthy woman who is lucky enough to have a man that adores her.

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6 Responses

  1. A yoni should be nice and clean and fresh. If recently bathed, it will smell and taste of nothing and if so I could (and have) stay there for hours !!
    The smell of a stale fanny is really off putting !!
    When she bends over to facilitate doggy style, there is nothing worse than a faint whiff of farts and stale fanny !!

  2. I think you will smell fine and are very good to eat and you will give aq lot of Love nector if you are done the right wat with Love and respect.

  3. I am also another woman suffering from a bad offhand comment. Thank you for the tip on Oranges. I though t yoghurt also affect s the smell

  4. I wouldn’t trust a woman to tell if an odor down there is offensive. We guys, especially me, love the smell of a woman. One day, after a long day of dancing and arousal, I went down on my lover. Her scent was much stronger and muskier than usual. I went wild with excitement. It was the best ever! I’m sure she was concerned that her smell might be offensive, but us guys are wired to love a woman’s scent. Most women just can’t appreciate or understand how much we love it.

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