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Penodynamics [Pics]

Penodynamics [Pics]

Have you heard the term, “The Singularity?”

Ray Kurzweil is a futurist who predicts that by 2050 nanotechnology and cellular level longevity medical innovation will allow us to have tiny little medical devices in our bodies to keep us alive much longer.

“The Singularity,” is the moment in time when humans transcend biology and “MAN” is no longer the dominant species – that there are more humans embedded WITH technology than their are humans without any of these “bionics.”

The Singularity is the end of “MAN” and the rise of “MAN Machine.”

If you haven’t watched his documentary (trailer is here) “The Singularity Is Near,” you can easily rent it.

Abe Morgentaler, MD, the author of “Why Men Fake It: The Totally Unexpected Truth About Men and Sex,” referenced The Singularity with regard to the Penile Implant.

Enable to see image of Why Men Fake It - Copy

Are you aware that you can have an implant that has a reservoir of water in your abdomen and a pump in your testicles? When you press the pump, the implants inflate and give you an erection.

According to my research, these implants allow you to have orgasms and pee the same as you always have.

How COOL is that?

This image of a Penile Implant is from Abe's book

This image of a Penile Implant is from a doctor's site

Nowadays, men have so many options to live longer and LOVE longer.

There is a tremendous impetus to continue to work out, keep your heart in good condition and have regular, healthy sex with your partner.

Many men on my list are in their 80’s and having the best sex of their lives.

If you haven’t yet listened to my interview with Peter Ragnar, the co-creator of the Good Morning/Good Evening Qigong practice, please do so.

Cultivating your energy with ancient movements that increase your masculinity is not only a good idea for longevity. . .

Women find men who do martial arts to be extremely sexy.

Finally, if you’re having any erectile issues, I encourage you to explore the myriad options available to you.

Pump Up The Volume!


  1. trendy some of you might consider this trans humanism is what it is. Its the transmutation engineered by design to hijack what was one a sacredness of man and woman in our original biological essences into controlled by others less than flesh and body part humans. I am afraid of these mechanical implants. Its one more step towards the mechanization of humans with less and less humanism away from our original and spiritual essence. No thank you. If I can’t get it up physical…I will enter and love and pierce my woman with my masculine presence and deep love.

    • Jim
      Conrad, you are entitled to your views which I understand but do not agree with. Sexual intimacy is an important part of my life and who I am. I experienced ED because of a physical issue and tried all the treatment options. I ended up with the inflatable penile implant that Susan pictured above. It was absolutely the best money I ever spent and has functioned perfectly and has extended my sexual relations with my wife for 10 years. I’m told most men my age are no longer sexually active. I will be 80 years old next month and still growing strong. I highly recommend an implant if it’s medically indicated.

  2. I’m very interested in the laws of attraction so interested in the Titan Penile Implant can e-mail me at my e-mail web address is: [email protected] I am so very excited about this process!!!

    Rustin Rafik
    6:02 PM Sunday evening
    November 24, 2013.
    Pacific Standard Time
    California TimeZone(USA)

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