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Parallel Play: Modified Swinger’s Technique

Try this technique from “The Lifestyle.”

“The perfect combination of naughty and safe!”

This spicy sex technique has been modified for use by even very reserved or shy lovers and will really turn you both on!

Parallel Play is the practice of making love with your own partner in the same room alongside another couple.

There is no swapping. It is not a foursome. You are with your partner and they stay with theirs.

What makes this incredibly erotic is that you get to WATCH the other couple as you’re making love with each other.

When her orgasmic pleasure escapes her lips and you hear the couple moan, it increases your turn on. You can feel their arousal in your bodies and the lust just builds on itself.

Though you may never actually do Parallel Play in real life, you CAN approximate it in the privacy of your home.


By slipping the Steamy Sex Ed DVDs into your player and making love to each other next to your TV.

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Steamy Sex Ed comes with both a voice over track where a beautiful somatic sexologist walks you through what you see on the screen AND there’s an option to play it with just a music track.

You can also turn on your own favorite sexy playlist – maybe some downtempo dub or old skool Barry White – and make love as you watch the other sexy couples moving from technique to technique in rapturous pleasure.

Parallel Playing with Steamy Sex Ed DVD’s is the perfect combination of NAUGHTY and SAFE. The blend of a little variety and novelty in a safe environment like your bedroom will get your love hormones pumping.

The dopamine you get from the risk is like a gambler’s high. The oxytocin you get from the orgasms will calm your nervous system for increased health and loving connection.

Isn’t it so great that something as simple as these sweet and sexy DVD’s suitable to watch with your partner can be so fun and good for you?

The Collection Includes:

  • High Touch Sex Positions
  • Expanding His Pleasure
  • Orgasmic Massage Strokes
  • Energetic and Ejaculatory Oral
  • Optimal Oral Sex Positions
  • Butt Luv
  • Optimizing Oral Pleasure
  • Building Sexual Trust For Orgasmic Ecstasy

The only catch is that we have a limited production run. So if you want to ensure that you get your copy, put yourself on our Early Notification List.

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Turn your sexual union into an astonishing adventure, no matter what your age. Better than pain-killers, sleeping pills or night time wine… Great sex reduces stress, disease and depression.

These videos are the doorway into new ways for your bodies to come together. Just by watching and following along your lady will gain greater confidence and competence as a skillful lover.

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  1. Parallel Play is a lot of fun but I have never heard it called that. For those of us who do not have an extra $200 lying around we could use to purchase the Steamy Sex Ed DVDs currently offered an alternative is to select a woman friendly XXX adult video most of us already have in our collection. Pop it in the DVD player when preparing to make love to your wife and invite her to watch with you. You probably know the kind of sexual activity your wife would enjoy watching that’s depicted in the video that will help get her turned on and romantic. I will say that my wife has surprised me on occasion by selecting videos to watch with me that include sexual activities that go beyond the sexual acts she is willing to participate in with me. By being exposed to new ideas and activities she may be willing to include more more kinds of erotic sexual play with me. That would be a bonus for both of us.

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