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Learning New Oral Sex Techniques

Learning New Oral Sex Techniques

Yumiko and Troy came up with a fun way to play with the 3 oral sex DVD’s that are part of the Steamy Sex Ed Collection.

Yumiko is this adorable, delicate Japanese woman married to a dashing man who would walk through fire for her.

She cooked up this fun idea that Troy should be her “cock model.” She would get to use his manhood to “learn” from the DVD’s.

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Of course, Troy was game to be her “cock model.” He laid down on the bed and Yumiko tried different techniques on him as she saw them demonstrated on the Steamy DVD’s.

At first he wasn’t hard and they were both a little nervous. But there was no pressure on Yumiko to take him over the edge.

This was just a play date. That made it more fun. She just did whatever looked good to her on the DVD’s.

They’d watch a little and she’d fondle him. Sometimes she’d try various techniques with her mouth or mouth and hands. They talked and laughed.

And Troy got quite a nice woodie.

Yumiko has been a lot more inclined to touch and play with his manhood since that play date. And she’s added a lot of new oral pleasuring techniques into her bag of tricks.

She says it’s brought them a lot closer and made the rest of their sex life more spicy.

Yumiko used to resist going down on Troy because it took so long and she got tired.  Now that she has the skills which give her more confidence to easily bring him to climax, she likes to tease him by bringing him close and then kissing him. Then bringing him close again.

It’s like she got an oral superpower just from watching the DVD’s:

Optimizing Oral Pleasure so you can blow each other away
Energetic and Ejaculatory Oral that includes cunnilingus, fellatio and analingus
Optimal Oral Sex Positions that make it easy and pleasurable for couples of any age to achieve a sublime trance state of arousal.

Sex Ed Videos

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Take 30 days to fully watch and enjoy — because there’s so much material here that this will bring you immense pleasure for years to come.

Experiences make the best gifts.  She can unwrap this in bed and stay in all day snuggled up next to you.

Comment below if you have any questions at all. Kisses!

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  1. Do you have this DVD;s for special price today?

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