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Sensation Loss In His Penis

“I can still come, but sometimes it’s too early. Sometimes she can keep sucking and licking my head of my manhood, but because I don’t have my full sensation anymore due to Peyronie’s Disease, it doesn’t always work.

I have tried the two medicines you see advertised all the time, but they don’t always work either.

I think it’s mostly because mentally, I am afraid I am not going to perform.

If I am alone and watching adult content, I can usually climax. Any ideas?” — Charlie

Jim BensonI asked Jim Benson, the noted male sexuality expert to provide his answer.

Hi Charlie,

Wow, what a challenging journey you’ve been on! Sounds like you’ve added some mental issues on top of your very obvious physical ones. (Not surprising — we all do it!)

What’s most interesting to me about your story is that you orgasm more regularly when you’re “alone while watching porn.” That tells me that physically, you’re sexually functional. Having more or better orgasms with your wife may just be a matter of:

1. Reducing shame
2. Creating a supportive environment
3. Setting your mind straight
4. Persistence

Here’s a little of what I mean by each of these.

1. Toxic sexual shame is instilled in us at an early age by parents, peers and dysfunctional societal “rules.” But toxic shame can also be layered on later in life as our genitals become less “reliable,” or if we’ve had genital or prostate surgery that reduces our functionality. Releasing ourselves from this shame — as much as we can — is be one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves and our relationships.

Module 2 of The Stamina Secret is all about working with your shame. I give guys the tools to help them work through their challenging sexual issues.

2. How can you create an environment that gives you the best chance to get your needs met? This absolutely includes making your wife your full ally. You may also need to start thinking outside of the box. Like…. how about watching porn…. with your wife??

I cover Getting Your Needs Met in Module 4, where you discover easy tools that help with building Inner Confidence.

3. Important: Learn to soothe yourself when you come earlier than you’d like, or during other moments of sexual stress. Just as important: Start changing your beliefs about sex. What is pleasure, really? Is there more than one kind of orgasm to have? (I assure you, there is!).

So many of our challenges in the bedroom are a result of negative mental tension. In Module 3, I teach guys to make their minds work FOR them rather than AGAINST them. Imagine so completely soothing your mind around sexual topics that you make your mind your ally instead of your enemy!

4. Don’t give up! But at the same time, don’t get too serious about this journey. Keep exploring, and keep a light heart.

Working with any one of these points can make a difference in your current sex life. Work with two or more — and watch things change fast!

I hope this helps you, Charlie.

Jim Benson

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4 Responses

  1. I love all to women who help me with hard erectiones and to be very horny.I hope that you make me cock hard and horny. Yours radimir

  2. Oops, he usually lasts long with orgasming, even multi. if it doesnt happen, i remind him I’m not dissapointed because his presence is a gift and his love Extends beyond penetration. I’ve notice milking his prostate and gentle stroking has helped. I also perform gentle MFR around the more painful areas. I look at it as a juicy opportunity to touch him as often as possible. our open communication puts us both as ease & allies us to have more fun. Hope this is helpful

  3. My lover is currently living with Peyronies as well. I told him the goal is conscious connection, not orgasm. When we enjoy playful, loving touch its a natural progression, usually he lasts a lhelping his confidence, allowing him to relax & enjoy more with pleasure than the pain.

  4. Hello Charlie,
    I am a female and I really hope you get this message because my husband has the same issue with Peyronies because of diabetes. However, I do not know what type of medication they recommended here but tell your doctor that you want to try a penile injection called, “EDEX”. (The one second pain of the needle is well worth the hard-on that you and her will experience.) The erection will take effect in about 30-60 seconds maybe almost immediately. You will love it! A lot of times after his first ejaculation he will still be hard and need me to give him more like a hand job or oral or even more sex to finish him again. Otherwise, the hard on will stay for hours with you wideyed looking at her sleeping happily or with your hand on your manhood going on your own. It worked wonders for my husband. His erection was so damn stiff I can barely keep my mouth on it and my mouth gets really tired because of the stiffy. It’s great believe me we tried everything the pills that give you bad side effects until this EDEX we just went back to using nothing which was better than the side effects of other medicines.
    It comes in 10, 20 or 40 mcg. There’s 2 injections in a pack. My husband gets 6 injections of the 20 mcg a week on our insurance BCBS. (Though it says trash any unused, we do not, we actually keep it and use each val until its gone and once you see the cost unless you are a millionaire you probably will want to keep them and use them up as well). I also recommend having some type of insurance for purchasing this because otherwise, it’s insanely expensive. At CVS Pharmacy we pay a $40 co-pay for the six. However, medical assistance or state agency insurance WILL NOT COVER IT. You must use a private insurance or pay out of pocket. Out of pocket for the 1wk (6 x injections) costs about $700.00 per week and that can be two mortgages a month on a decent home. So unless you are LOADED WITH MONEY, please purchase some type of private insurance the EDEX itself is well worth it, especially of you can’t find any other medication, devices or means of getting the blood flow to that area correctly to have a full-on 18year old boy hard-on.
    This should really help!
    Take care,

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