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2 Exercises Men Should Avoid

Effective Exercise for Women: Fitness Routine

These 2 exercises most responsible for “widening your waist”, taking you out of proportion, and ultimately hurting your look. Plus, it has been shown to have some of the highest rates of injury – which of course is another BIG minus!

Research shows when your body has the correct dimensions, you can build muscle and lose fat twice as fast. And every guy has the DNA required to attain these exact dimensions that make building muscle and losing fat a breeze.

Follow the 3 science-proven strategies revealed in this brand new video to immediately move your body closer to the right dimensions for getting ridiculously ripped. As a matter of fact, it will help you create that classic V-Tapor, picture perfect proportion Men’s Health cover models always seem to have.

You’re going to LOVE this new video, watch it now:

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Also do not forget to read the short article which explains that as a man, you need weight bearing exercise to keep Testosterone levels high and your energy strong.

Avoid doing extra work or the wrong exercises. Use the science behind this strategy for the best results.

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