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Effective Techniques That Will Turn Her On And Bring Back Romance

Revive Her Drive: Reignite Passion and Connection

When I met Jeff he was MISERABLE because his wife had stopped wanting sex with him. Now he writes:

“I was lying in bed with my wife this morning. I have been using various touch techniques from RHD. The feedback she has given me is excellent. The one she loves is when I place my hand on her heart. She absolutely loves the passion it generates.

I remember you mentioning that the area along her breast bone down through her stomach is full of erectile tissue. This morning I focused on that area along with the area underneath her
breasts, while holding her tightly against me. After several minutes of this I could not help noticing that she was starting to have pelvic contractions, just from the stroking. I was amazed at how
turned on she was, which in turn had me off the wall. I don’t need to tell you where it progressed to.
Thank you so much for Revive Her Drive. All my wife can say to me after our lovemaking is “Keep doing what you’re doing to me honey.” 
— Jeff

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Victor wrote to me as well:

“There is much that I learned and came to cherish in the Revive Her Drive materials. First of all I want to thank you for confirming my understanding that a lack of libido or sexual interest in so many women is not the irreversible result of old age or menopause, or having children, as is commonly believed, but rather the result of hormonal changes or imbalance, so that these women are really in need of help. With the right approach and help they can enjoy even greater sexual interest and pleasure than they did in early life.

Another gem for which I am thankful was the indirect approach that is necessary to influence women to overcome their hang-ups. The masculine approach of confronting a problem head on and showing what is the only proper way to behave in a marriage relationship may be quite counterproductive with women and may only harden them in their sexual disinterest.  They will be won rather by kindly wooing and expressions of love. Grace and affection will accomplish far more than demands and good arguments. It is kindness and generosity not the law that generates a good response.

Another closely related thing that I learned from the RHD material was that a woman needs to be aroused through her less sexual zones first – even her feet, and gradually centering upon her more specific sexual zones – the very opposite of how a man would be aroused.

I was also very impressed to learn of the many different erotic areas in a woman’s body, many even provided with erectile tissue; not to mention the various different types of orgasms of which she is capable.” — Victor

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  1. great but i think the most important is sequence and preparation
    like you can not eat flesh raw so is the case with women flesh
    they have to be marinated before cooking but you have to treat them with grace and dignity rest leave it to them they will be tamed and behave like your slave by slave and tamed and they love it–no women rights problem at all

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