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How To Revive Your Relationship And Sex Life [Mailbag]

“Hey Susan,

Firstly, I have finally separated a rejection of the offer from a rejection me the man. It sounds so simple to write it but so profound to experience.

I had been sending sexy texts to my partner during the day and was getting a great response.  But by the time I picked her up, she had some bad work news and all the good vibes went out the window.  I listened and supported her and when we went to bed that night I told her I wanted her but understood she was not in a good place and asked what she needed.

She asked to be held. So I held close and told her I was always there for her. She fell asleep in my arms. 

In the morning I was in the shower and she jumped in and was very passionate.

All of this would not have happened had I not read your Revive Her Drive material:

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The “old me” would have been hurt and angry for being rejected and we would have been even more distant in the morning.

She is so much more affectionate and close. The sex is better but not more frequent. I know having more frequent sex will come in time and I am so happy for this progress.

It’s given me hope!

I was just thinking that karma must ensure you have a wonderful life for the thousands of men who owe you the success in their marriage.

Your friend,

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