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How To Give Your Woman An Expanded Orgasm

Whether you’re a guy who has occasional equipment issues in the bedroom…

…or you just like to be elbows deep in your lady’s bits sliding her silky nether skin between your oily fingers

…or you prefer to head face down for her tonguing, savoring her taste and smells…

For what ever reason you like to use your tongue and fingers too.


But, there is a difference between “fingering” and giving her an Expanded Orgasm date that is like slot car racing versus being a Formula 1 driver.

Sure, you can get your untrained fingers in her slot and give her some orgasms — but you’re not here to be like other guys.

You are reading this because you want to be a sexual genius… A true erotic master can give his woman a 30 minute Expanded Orgasm experience that is far, far beyond freestyle fingering.

Think about it.

You can get a massage from someone who just rubs you willy nilly… Or you can go to a trained massage therapist and have a deliciously therapeutic experience.

Using the “3 opening strokes” from Expand Her Orgasm Tonight means you are slowly building her pleasure and stair-stepping her from one outrageous climax to the next.

You will link her expanded orgasms together so that she stays in the most prolonged climatic experience of her life.

When you can take your woman on an orgasmic ride where you are subtly stroking her perfect spot in a way that allows her to just keep coming and coming from your fingertip stroking . . .

She’s going to want you to come her all the time. And then she’s going to want you inside her even more often.

Here are 21 erotic play dates you two can have to bring the spice into your sex life, get her coming better than she’s ever come before and give you a couple’s practice that you can do until the day you die.

The longer you two have this orgasm practice together, the better you get at taking her on a climactic journey and the more, better, longer and harder she climaxes.

If you’ve ever heard of OMing, or DOing, or Extended Massive Orgasm — these are different words for a similar practice of clitoral stroking that lets a woman come for literally hours.

Fingering is a fun, sloppy mess and yes, you can get your lady off, even multiple times. But it doesn’t compare to the skill and pleasure that comes from knowing these stroking patterns.

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The 21 dates teach you both together how to co-create the most sensually orgasmic experience you’ll ever give.

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  1. That really sounds like an interesting way to B separated from the Boyz that tried to love her up before.

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