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Passion Evolution – Share Your “Dream Sex Life” Contest

Hear ye! Hear ye!

I’m pleased to share these 10 sexual dreams shared by our members by joining the ‘Passion Evolution Share Your Sexual Dreams Contest. They are my favorites, which I handpicked from tons of beautiful entries.

But before I jumped into giving you the list of winners, I would like to send my kisses and tight hugs to all who participated in the contest. My heart is overwhelmed with joy and appreciation with all the responses I got.  I enjoyed reading everyone’s dreams and stories. I imagine you’ll see a little bit of yourself in each of these 10 winning “Dream Sex Life” stories. You see, we are all as similar as we are unique. Each letter I received was unique in its own way and every answer deserves a thumbs up.

But more than announcing our winners, I’m especially thrilled to share their wonderfully hot dreams.  As I said, our mission is to help as many lovers achieve their sexual dreams as possible. Sharing them helps us further our mission.

So, here they are… Enjoy reading!

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“The first few years together with my wife was fantastic! Me and my partner (later my wife), were doing just about anything. Together we played games, she could tie me up on the bed and then lick me all over my body.  She would finish with a blow job and then we would make love.

Sometimes I would do the same to her.  Sometimes I would put her over my knee and give her (a gentle) spanking and she would giggle and I would be so happy and excited as I just loved playing games with her. I asked her to spank me as well (though I liked it much harder) and it was great.

Sex was such nice and natural part of our relationship. We could send each other an sms about what we were to do later at night after she finished work.

I’ll send her detailed descriptions of what I wanted to do to her and she would show these to one of her colleagues who would tell her how lucky she was to have such a boyfriend.

We used to be able to talk so openly about sex and any fantasy (even if it was odd). We would talk about sex with her girlfriends–it felt natural, no shame, just pleasure.

This is to me the perfect sex life and I would do anything to get it back again.”
— J.A.

“My dream sex life would consist of the following:
1. When I snuggle up with my wife, she would accept the snuggle and snuggle back then she would kiss me passionately.
2. My wife would initiate sex as often (or almost as often) as I initiated sex.
3. My wife would flirt with me and tease me during the day to hint that she was interested in connecting later in the evening.”


“I wasn’t brought up religious, but I felt sexual relations were something special, a covenant blessing, a spiritual experience to be shared between husband and wife. It was something that only I could give my husband, my gift. You can see the obvious issues that comes with this type of thinking if it is not reciprocal.

I am no longer married, but my feelings haven’t changed that much. If my sex life was perfect…. My partner would want to reach out to touch me not just because he wanted to ‘have sex’ , not just to get me aroused, but because what we are experiencing is something special just between the two of us. I want to feel like I’m the most beautiful to the man I’m being my most vulnerable with. I like to kiss…sometimes soft and sensual…sometimes deep and intense.

I would like my man to take my lead and not always try to put his tongue in the back of my throat.  I like to be touched, rubbed, massaged, this is my foreplay, my anticipation… I would like my man to be open to experiencing our love making on a more spiritual level. To take the time to really see and touch each other in our love making. Maybe with music and candles. Some personal massage. Don’t get me wrong,  I love the raw emotion of having ‘lustful’ horny sex–to just go at it because you can’t wait another minute.

I’m am learning to let go of the ideal and to just enjoy it for what it is, but you did ask what it would be like if it was perfect.”


“My passion would be to give my love the most WONDERFUL ORGASM she never had before. To be able to satisfy her 100 times in one night. I would love to take my experience and help other women attain their ultimate climax and orgasms. Cum so much it would flow like a stream.
Have two or three women being satisfied by me at once. That is my passion.”


“My dream sex life is having any woman I just look instantly get turned on and try their hardest to make the first move on me and try to seduce me. I have never had the hotties flirting with me in high school. I was actually the guy that was there for most girls when their hot bf cheated on them. I was the “fall back friend”–an average looking guy, sweet kinda smart and kinda funny. The main problem I have with women is I don’t know how to properly approach them or attract them. I can walk up and say ‘Hi’. I just can’t make them interested in me or can’t keep them sexually attracted to me and that’s why I need you help to turn this young man into the ladies.”

—Austin M.

“My perfect sex life would be that my wife is always horny and interested in making love. She would always greet me with a smile and a kiss and hug while rubbing me all over my body and oozing sexuality when she sees me. She would be hungry to devour my manhood every day with animal passion.

Sex would always be first and foremost on her mind every minute of the day (kind of like me….). The current problem is that she has little desire for sex and accommodates me only because she knows I want it. I always give her an orgasm first but that doesn’t seem to make a difference in how often she wants sex. I have tried toys, different positions and locations, as well as trying to stimulate her G and A spots but she pushes me away and is usually content with clitoral orgasms only – she just doesn’t seem to care about raising the bar on our sex life.”


“My perfect sex life would consist of my better half wanting to have sex with me as much as I love having sex with her. We could do everything without worrying about how long I’ll last or if she is enjoying it;  finally having orgasms. What’s stopping me is that she isn’t always in the mood. When she is, we get wild but majority of the time she isn’t. She is scared of having an orgasm and messing the sheets up. I want her to just relax and loosen up more. And I’m not the biggest in my department. Thank you for offering this helpful tool would really appreciate it.”


“I dream a sex life based first on real love, the deepest feeling of attraction and genuine acceptation and desire to share, hear, support, give and receive in all the ways: emotionally, physically, mentally, intellectually, energetically, spiritually, on a level soul and beyond…

I visualize myself in a relationship in which each one gets what they desire, and contribute to fulfill the desire and dreams of the other, in total intimacy, trust, surrender and commitment to co-create joy, ecstasy, peace, communion and an endless expanding-love. I wish a relationship of mutual adoration, satisfaction, healing and whole freedom.

Right now, I am in love with a woman. She knows about my feelings towards her and seems delighted about that. I believe she has similar feelings towards me. However, she doesn’t dare to open herself again. In her recent and more important relationship, she did struggle a lot to save her family. She was treated like shit and the hurt too deep. For this reason, even when she is only 40 years, she dreads relationships and focuses only on her 3 daughters, job and friends. Afterwards, she lives in another country . I would accept to move to hers at some point, but she’s simply too fearful about men. She needs healing and I need tools to seduce and help her. My love already belongs to her.”


“I have been divorced twice now and currently single, and while the sex in both of my marriages was good, and my partner always seemed satisfied. After the divorce was finally done, it left me wondering if I was as good as I thought, so I have started on a mission to learn everything I possibly can, so that from start to finish I can be the best possible lover I can be.

My current girlfriend and I haven’t reached the stage of being intimate yet, oh and she is quite a bit younger than me, so I dream of being able to ignite a passion in her so deep inside that she when she dreams at night she can’t get me out of her mind. I want to learn how to give her deep long lasting and multiple orgasms so that she is still smiling and happy the next day.

For me making love, and having a passionate loving relationship is all about making each other happy, and being able to satisfy each others, emotional and physical needs, and to be able to grow together as time goes by, so that there is never any doubt in the others mind about anything in and outside of the relationship. Every relationship should only be about the 2 people involved in that relationship, and nobody else, I learned this the hard way, and I want my next relationship to be the one that last forever and beyond,  and I believe the tools to achieve that goal are in the Passion Evolution Summit.”


“My ideal sex life would be that my wife would want to have sex 3-7 (or more) times each week like we used to do when we were dating.  We are both 55 and she is going thru the pause and she has put on some weight (the weight does not bother me, although it does make a difference to her.).  I love her dearly and want to be able to make love with her.”


Congratulations once more to the winners! Each winner received the complete Passion Evolution Summit package from our friends Karen Brody and Tallie Rabin-Klassen. Thank you Tallie and Karen for your kind generosity.

And to all who participated by sending in your “Dream Sex Life” stories, ‘THANK YOU.’

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So if you want to lead your partner to the pleasure palace, the four elements (they are FUN) in Revive Her Drive will help you open your partner’s eyes to the magic of erotic and sensual pleasure.

Request: How do you relate to those dreams in the list? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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2 Responses

  1. I was not aware of the Share Your Sexual Dreams contest. If I had been I would entered the contest because I have given untold hours of thought and contemplation to what my sexual dreams are and how to make them come true. I guess a person had to be a participant in the Passion Evolution Summit to learn of the contest. I knew of the Summit but was unable devote that many hours. In retrospect, that seems to have been a bad decision. There is a reoccurring theme in the list of dreams which identify a common but unhappy divergence of sexual interest and participation between couples. No surprise the men wish for more sex and really more intimacy in their lives with their significant other. There is little acknowledgment that it is the man’s responsibility to create the intimate environment in which his woman can flower and flourish and be the “soul mate” her brain has been hard wired by evolution for her to be. How sad that there are so many unhappy couples apparently reconciled to their unhappy status and how inspiring it is that there are caring and helpful people like Susan who offer suggestions for men to become aware of what the man has to do to create the intimate relationship that allows his woman to fulfill her destiny and innate feminine sexuality. Guys, it’s up to us to make it right.

    1. Hey Jim,
      Although I know you read almost every email we send. And for that I thank you. The Passion Evolution Summit “Dream Sex Life” contest did not require purchase. Karen Brody and Tallie Klassen-Rabin GAVE us 10 bonus copies of the Passion Evolution Summit so we had a little contest and gave the copies to our top 10 “Dream Sex Life” Winners. Sorry you missed the emails about it. Thank you too for your kind compliments. We so appreciate the kind feedback.
      With Love,

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