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How To Get More Oral Sex

How To Get More Oral Sex

Re: Leading Sex Expert Reveals Her Rejection-Proof Method That Gets You All The Blowjobs You Want! You Won’t Even Have To Ask Anymore, Because This Secret Makes Her Crave Your Cock In Her Mouth Night After Night!

Dear Friend,

My name is Morris, and I’m just like you.  Actually, I’m probably a little worse… you see, I’m 41 years old, ok looking, and pretty average by any measureable standards.  But I have a confession…


I went nine years without ever receiving a blowjob!

Believe me this wasn’t by choice.  During those nine years, I had two girlfriends and even a wife.  But, no mater how hard I tried, I could NOT get these women to give me blowjobs.

No matter how hard I tried or what approach I used, it was always the same excuse…”I don’t like sucking cock.  I just don’t get off giving blowjobs.  I’m tired. Blah. Blah. Blah.”  I basically became resigned to the fact that I’m just not going to get blowjobs ever again.

It was so hard to accept because, as a normal guy who watches porn, I would see all these AMAZING blowjobs guys were getting and WISH that could be my reality.  I even had some guy friends that would talk about regularly getting head, and I was so jealous that I would lie to them and act like I was getting regular blowjobs too.

It became utterly painful to accept.  Why was it so hard to get girls to enjoy sucking my cock?

Then Something Changed…

I met my friend Sloane Fox.  We met through mutual friends and I found out she’s what most of us would call a “sex expert” and she makes a VERY GOOD living training men and women about sex and relationships.  So one day we were grabbing lunch and she finally got me to confess my deep, dark secret.

I admitted to her that I had not received a blowjob for NINE YEARS.

She was astounded….then she revealed something to me that absolutely changed my life…

In about 10 minutes, she revealed the secret to getting more blowjobs from women, without ever having to ask for one.

I was skeptical at first that something SO EASY that I could learn in less than 10 minutes would even work. So I went home that night, and when my girlfriend came over, I tried this “sneaky little trick.”

I kid you not within 15 minutes of her coming over that night, she literally pushed me down on the couch and started deep throating my cock.  She was actually so turned on by my new secret technique that she sucked me off 3 more times that night, and woke me up with a morning blowjob as well.

I was so over-the-moon happy that I went to Sloane and asked her for more secret techniques and what she said absolutely floored me…

“You don’t need anymore techniques…. “

“This ONE SECRET will work over and over again and will get you as many blowjobs as you want.”

Of course, this sounded ludicrous to me, but I decided to try it out.  Low and behold, I used it every day and was getting my cock sucked anytime I wanted without ever having to actually ask!

My girlfriend was coming to my work during the day just to come to my office and suck me off.  Anytime we went for a drive of more that 15 minutes, she was giving me “road-head.”  She started giving me “wake-up” blowjobs pretty much any time she stayed over.

She would literally DEMAND to her suck my cock!

Eventually though I broke up with her and became single again.

And the unbelievable thing about the “Blowjob Secret” is that it works on EVERY WOMEN I’ve been with. I’ve had a couple of girlfriends in the last year and I’ve used the Blowjob Secret on both resulting in as much cock sucking as I can handle.

I seriously feel like my life is a porno… all because of ONE LITTLE TRICK

And because it works all the time and is so easy, I feel like I have a secret little button that I can push anytime I want a blowjob.

So I met up with Sloane recently and told her that guys have to know this secret. No guy should have to go what I went through and struggle through life never getting head, or have to work hard “convincing” women to do it.  Especially when there is a secret technique that’s as easy as pushing a button and results in women BEGGING to suck your cock.

So here it is…

A Simple Secret Method That Makes Your Woman Addicted To Sucking Your Cock!

I convinced Sloane to write it all down and create an easy-to-follow process that transforms your woman into someone who can’t keep her mouth off you. She calls this program “The Blowjob Secret”.

This magic little guide contains her step-by-step method for getting your wife or girlfriend to want to give you more blowjobs (and do a better job when she does it).

Sloane usually charges her private clients thousands of dollars for this type of information… and honestly, I can’t blame her.  If someone told me that that I could learn a simple secret that results in me getting my cock deep-throated any time I want, I would have gladly paid thousands of dollars.

But when I told Sloane how many guys just like me are out there – regular guys who simply want more blowjobs without having to put in so much effort, she could really feel our pain.

I told her that most guys like us simply can’t afford to pay thousands of dollars for a secret like this.  We talked about how important it is to get this secret out there to as many guys as possible because not only will it totally change their lives, it will change the lives of their women as well because they will LOVE sucking cock.

So we came up with something pretty crazy…

You Get The Entire Blowjob Secret System For Only One Payment Of $9.95

Think about it, that’s only 33 cents every day for a month. What else do you spend 33 cents on every single day that makes no difference in how many blowjobs you get?

Heck, even if you spent that money on gifts for her, it still wouldn’t result in you having the kind of results the Blowjob Secret can get you.

And there’s no risk either, because you’re covered by her Double “You’ll Love It!” Guarantee

How is that for fair?

Her guarantee is simple.  Try out her method for a full 60 days.  If your wife or girlfriend doesn’t start insisting on giving you more blowjobs, just send Sloane an email and she’ll refund every penny.  She’s putting all the risk on her shoulders, because, well, the Blowjob Secret works THAT WELL.

You see, I already know that once you see everything… once you experience the thrill of having a woman that can’t keep her mouth off your cock, you won’t part with this information for any price.

So click the picture below to get instant access to the entire system..

The blow job secret

All 4 reports are ready for you to download, even if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning. This is an INSTANT ACCESS digital delivery program.

I can’t wait to hear how your sex life changes after using this program. Mine has totally transformed!


– Remember, you get the entire “Blowjob Secret” which also includes the 3 bonus reports.  The whole program costs less than a medium pizza and is totally risk-free.  Either your woman starts giving you more blowjobs without you having to ask, or you get every penny refunded.  Go ahead and click the image below to get instant access to the entire downloadable system.

Discover how to give a blow job


  1. Loved reading the program. Made a lot of sense but still no BJ.
    Married 26 yrs never had a BJ and looks like never will. I did the “statement’ as much word for word as I could remember. She said she did not know how to answer. I thought you made the questions pretty simple and straight but she said she could not answer them. I have given up. Tried all kinds of requests. Give her oral regularly in fact that is pretty much the only way she has orgasms (especially good ones) We have such a high sex drive difference I really wish you had something that would lower mine to equal hers, and suggestion on how to “substitute” my desire for a BJ or anything close because I have tried all the things the group here has to offer and going the other way just isn’t in the cards.

    • perhaps your only hope left is jealousy. it’s a desperate measure but if you introduce another woman into your bed your wife may see her enjoying giving you oral and feel that: a) you’re having to get another woman to do what she ought to be doing for you; b) the other woman is getting something from you that should be hers; and c)that it looks like fun.
      as i say it’s a desperate measure but you sound like a desperate man. it would probably be less threatening for her if the other woman you brought in was paid for, i.e. an escort for whom she knew you had no emotional attachment. an escort would also be guaranteed to give you oral (so long as it was agreed beforehand) whereas a pick-up might not, and maybe she’d even show your wife how to get started.

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